Watched Dune 2. It was as I expected – not bad, but nothing great either. Denise is an over-rated director (mainly because of lack of good directorial talent in his generation) and the critics are hyperventilating on Dune 2.

I will any-day take the first film over this, although a lot more happens in this one. Denise is a moody slow-burn director with a penchant for visuals rather than on narrative. I really don’t get the comparisons with Nolan. Nolan is superior to him in every department of film-making, except perhaps cinematography, where they may be equal. Oppenheimer was a way superior film. And Hans Zimmer is really a phenomenon!
Also rewatched Dune 1 in IMAX format (had missed watching it in big screen when it released during Covid). It was not as impressive as it was on first viewing. Hoping that Dune 2 turns out to be a lot better!

My ratings on revisiting them:

Dune – 6.5/10

I caught up with Oppenheimer once again in theater last week after its re-release (after 7 months).

Loved it as much as before. Must say this is Nolan playing to the gallery – not just to his cult following. In the form of a biopic shrouded with physics and the Manhattan Project, he basically explores universal emotions like guilt, and other basic human nature (apart from political treachery and drama) in a widely palatable way.

This may not be his best film, but definitely up there among the top 3 or 5. The encore in the ongoing award season is very well-deserved. Expecting quite few wins at BAFTA and Oscars now – Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (RDJ), Best Soundtrack, Best Cinematography and Best Editing Awards without a doubt.

Overall, its nicely done & a well-made film.
Oppenheimer – 8.5/10

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