To celebrate Mario Day, a trio of some of Mario’s best spinoffs are coming to the Nintendo Switch through the Online subscription service.


  • Nintendo Switch is bringing back classic handheld Mario games like
    Dr. Mario, Mario Golf
    , and
    Mario Tennis
    for fans to enjoy.
  • Mario Golf
    stands out as one of the best
    spinoffs with precise controls and a unique approach to the world of
    Super Mario
  • Fans can also experience the modern version of
    Mario Golf
    Super Rush
    , which offers new features like game modes and a solo RPG campaign.



It’s a great time to be a Super Mario fan as Nintendo confirmed that three of the franchise’s best handheld games will soon be playable on Nintendo Switch. While the iconic plumber may be best known for his ability to jump over wide gaps and squash pesky Goombas, he’s also an accomplished sportsperson. When he’s not rescuing Princess Peach or dominating the pitch, he’s also a qualified doctor, so fans who aren’t all that familiar with that side of him will soon be able to understand all of Mario’s many trade secrets.

Per Eurogamer, Nintendo celebrated Mario Day (March 10) by announcing that Dr. Mario (Gameboy), Mario Golf (Gameboy Color), and Mario Tennis (Gameboy Color) are all coming to the Nintendo Switch through the console’s online subscription service. To make matters even better, players won’t need to wait long to either relive or experience these classics for the first time since they’re all arriving on March 12 as a part of the default Switch Online plan, meaning fans won’t need to shell out for the Expansion Pack version. The trio is just the latest batch of classic Gameboy Color games to arrive for the Nintendo Switch.


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Mario Golf On The Switch Is A Big Win

Pixel art of Mario lining up a golf shot close to the flag

While diehard fans will no doubt be pleased that the three handheld Mario games are now officially available on modern hardware, the real gem of the bunch is Mario Golf, which is arguably the best Mario spinoff of all time. Precise controls and a novel approach to both the world of Super Mario and the classic game of golf have reinforced the title as a firm favorite amongst older fans. Dr. Mario and Mario Tennis are similarly beloved but neither can compete with Mario Golf which is still revered as one of the best Gameboy Color games ever made to this day.

Mario Golf Is Still Alive And Well

The key art for Mario Golf starring Mario swinging a golf club in front of Luigi, Bowser, Wario, Peach, and more

The original Mario Golf may be a beloved classic over two decades after its original launch but Super Mario fans wanting to experience the highs of the spinoff with more modern mechanics need only look to Mario Golf: Super Rush. Released in 2021, this version of the game boasts an abundance of quality-of-life features, incorporating new game modes, characters, courses, and a solo RPG-like campaign where players can level up, gain experience, and unlock new equipment as they progress through the story. Super Rush is also available on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Eurogamer

Mario Golf Super Rush Game Poster

Mario Golf: Super Rush

June 25, 2021

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