Friday, June 21, 2024

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A Dubai-bound flight from Chittagong was forced to land in Nagpur due to an engine malfunction, impacting 175 passengers.

A US-Bangla Airlines flight, originally departing from Chittagong in Bangladesh on its way to Dubai, encountered a technical issue (mechanical fault) with one of its engines, necessitating an unplanned landing at Nagpur Airport this Thursday. The aircraft was carrying a total of 175 passengers and six crew members at the time of the incident.

The emergency landing took place smoothly at around 10:30 AM. Airport authorities swiftly coordinated the logistics to ensure passenger safety and comfort. After spending approximately nine hours in the transit area of the airport, during which they were provided with necessary amenities, the passengers were transferred to an alternative aircraft to continue their journey. The replacement plane departed for Dubai at around 8:00 PM.

This incident highlights the prompt response and effective handling of unexpected technical challenges by airline and airport staff to prioritize passenger safety and minimize disruptions.

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