• Episode 8 of
    FBI: Most Wanted
    explores Stuart and Nina’s struggles as new parents, adding depth to their characters.
  • John Boyd finds the conflict between Stuart and Nina intriguing, emphasizing the importance of making each other feel seen.
  • The episode delves into Nina’s journey as a new mother, highlighting the dynamics of their relationship and personal growth.



Warning: SPOILERS for FBI: Most Wanted season 5, episode 8.Season 5, episode 8 of FBI: Most Wanted aired on CBS on Tuesday, April 9, and centers around a mother seeking revenge on the dealer who sold her son a lethal dose of drugs. “Supply Chain” features a guest appearance from FBI’s Special Agent Stuart Scola, who is played by actor John Boyd. In addition to his work on the FBI franchise, Boyd is known for portraying James Aubrey in Bones. He has also been featured in projects such as Suits, The Carrie Diaries, and Peppermint.

Episode 8 is the first time after Dougie’s birth that viewers see Stuart and Nina’s life as new parents. The couple ends up fighting over their differing approaches, but Boyd finds their current conflict interesting to play. He admits that both he and Shantel VanSanten have worked hard to cultivate the relationship and appreciates that the latest installment gives audience members a “glimpse behind the curtain.”


FBI: Most Wanted Season 6 – Confirmation & Everything We Know

The hit FBI spinoff FBI: Most Wanted has thrilled across its first five seasons so far, and now the Dick Wolf procedural returns for a season 6.

Screen Rant interviews John Boyd about diving into parental struggles and the heart of Stuart and Nina’s conflict in the show’s most recent episode.

Boyd Is Excited About The Next Stage Of Nina And Stuart’s Relationship

Shantel VanSanten as Special Agent Nina Chase and John Boyd as Special Agent Stuart fighting on FBI: Most Wanted (still 2).

Screen Rant: This is the first time after Dougie’s birth that we really got to see a slice-of-life moment. What were you looking forward to about exploring this new chapter of Stuart and Nina’s relationship?

John Boyd: I was excited to take a deeper look into Nina’s character and how she’s finding herself as a mother and her history. It’s exciting to get to have a look behind the curtain at a couple having struggles with being new parents. It was really fun to get to do. Shantel is just wonderful in it.

The conflict, the fights, the bickering—it was great. It was really interesting to get to do. It wasn’t something that we took lightly. We’ve been working and building these characters and this relationship for a long time, so it was really fun to get to drop into it. It’s like a little movie within the episode of these two scenes between them.

When you have a child, it’s easy for parents to forget to take care of themselves. Do you think that part of Stuart’s frustration in this episode was out of concern for Nina?

John Boyd: Yeah. That’s what’s interesting about the scene for me. Those conflicts and those fights are not about the shoes. It’s not about, “Where’s my stuff?” The real issue is not that there’s too much stuff in this place. Of course, too much baby gear is just a bad way to go anyway, but what’s going on internally for her? What is she compensating for? That’s really what we had the conversation about.

How was she mothered? Is it because she’s not there enough? Is it because she’s worried that she doesn’t spend enough time with with Dougie? Why is she compensating? It’s cool that we got to come together at the end of it and that Scola comes around and is able to be a loving, supportive partner and tell the mother of his child that she’s absolutely wonderful and that he was being a jerk.

It’s Important For Nina And Stuart To Make Each Other Feel Seen

Shantel VanSanten as Special Agent Nina Chase and John Boyd as Special Agent Stuart fighting on FBI: Most Wanted.

Was there anything about Nina’s storyline that surprised you or resonated with what your characters are dealing with in their home life?

John Boyd: There was nothing that particularly surprised me. The scene I haven’t got to see yet, that I can’t wait to see, is the scene with her and Roxy. Barnes is kind of helping her to change her perspective and be ready to talk about what’s really going on and what we need to get through in order to be there for this baby.

Nina was very open and honest with Stuart in the final scene of the episode. How did it feel for him to hear her confession?

John Boyd: The joke is that, yes, Scola loves getting an apology from Nina, of course. But I think it’s never about being right. When you want to come back together with your partner, for your child and your family, it’s about each other feeling seen. And that’s what he’s able to do with her. He’s able to be supportive. I mean, it’s so important. It’s so cool to get to play that scene where he gets to tell his partner and a new mother that she’s wonderful.

About FBI: Most Wanted

From Emmy Award winner Dick Wolf, FBI: MOST WANTED is a high-stakes drama that focuses on the Fugitive Task Force, an elite unit that relentlessly pursues and captures the notorious criminals on the Bureau’s Most Wanted list. The team’s charming but formidable leader is Supervisory Special Agent Remy Scott, who started his career in the New York FBI field office before rising through the ranks of the Bureau in Philadelphia and Las Vegas.

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