• Netflix’s The Signal is a hit, topping streaming charts, proving the demand for sci-fi mysteries.
  • The Signal fills the void left by Dark, Netflix’s beloved sci-fi thriller, which was canceled after three seasons in 2020.
  • Although The Signal is a decent replacement for Dark, it doesn’t surpass the quality of the older series.



Netflix’s television series The Signal depicts a father and daughter awaiting the return of their wife/mother, an astronaut traveling to the International Space Nation, where something strange happens to her, and the story is reminiscent of a former Netflix science fiction show that the streaming service canceled a few years ago. The 2024 German sci-fi drama series was released on March 7, 2024, and consists of four hour-long episodes. Shortly following its premiere, The Signal jumped to the top of the streaming platform’s charts, and its instant popularity proves that sci-fi mysteries are in demand.

Even though The Signal is a foreign television show and its primary language is German, it sits in the Top Ten TV Shows in the United States list on Netflix as of the writing of this article. Typically, foreign series don’t perform as well as others. But The Signal‘s premise has seemingly pulled viewers of all kinds in who are curious about the show’s characters and central mystery. Consequently, it appears that Netflix subscribers have been waiting for a captivating sci-fi drama, and they finally got it seven years after the streaming service debuted its best one.

Netflix’s 2024 Show The Signal Is A Reminder Of How Great Dark Was

The Signal serves as a reminder of how much Netflix’s Dark is missed following its premiere in 2017 and series finale in 2020. Dark, a German science fiction thriller, was created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese and ran for three seasons and 26 episodes on the streaming service. Sadly, Netflix canceled the show, marking an end to the platform’s best sci-fi series. Many have been waiting years for Dark‘s replacement, and The Signal can fill that hole in fans’ hearts (while reminding them of how much Netflix messed up by ending Dark after only three seasons).

The only area in which
The Signal
falls short compared to
is its narrative.

Not only is Dark the superior sci-fi television series on Netflix, but it is also one of the best shows the streaming service has ever created. It has a 95 percent score on the Tomatometer and a 94 percent Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes, after all. As a result, after it ended, it has been difficult for Netflix to find a similar sci-fi mystery worthy of taking Dark‘s place. However, Netflix finally gave the people what they wanted in 2024, almost four years following Dark‘s mysterious series finale, with The Signal, which shares some basic similarities with the older show.


20 Best Quotes From Netflix’s Dark

Dark, the first German series produced by Netflix, brought a lot of complex mysteries and the most profound quotes on time and fate.

Is The Signal Worth Watching For Fans Of Dark?

Peri Baumeister as Paula and Hadi Khajanpour as Hadi in The Signal.

Unfortunately, it would be difficult for any television series to live up to the 2017 sci-fi thriller’s legacy. However, The Signal is a worthy follow-up since Dark season 4 is not happening. The 2024 German sci-fi drama certainly doesn’t have as good reviews as Dark, but it takes the same risks and has a similar epic scale regarding its world-building. The only area in which The Signal falls short compared to Dark is its narrative because, while Dark‘s story was well-constructed and fulfilling while still maintaining its complexity, the new show’s ending isn’t as satisfactory as its predecessor.

The Signal
are available to stream on Netflix.

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