• Get ready for the toughest
    Helldivers 2
    experience yet with the new Mission Type: Eliminate Factory Striders.
  • Strategize with heavy explosives like the 500KG bomb and Orbital Laser to take down the tanks.
  • Challenge yourself to destroy both Striders within the 40-minute time limit and conquer the Automatons.



Helldivers 2 is about to become even more difficult as the game’s latest mission type forces players to go up against some of the Automaton’s most powerful units. While the kinds of enemies players will encounter in Helldivers 2 are largely determined by the difficulty of the mission they embark upon, users who want to farm some of the rare resources will need to run through some of the more brutal settings to upgrade their ship modules. Unfortunately, that now means going head-to-head against Factory Striders with the primary goal being to bring down the walking tanks.

Posted to Reddit by user HellionBringer, the most recent Mission Type is simple in theory but in practice will prove to be significantly harder: Eliminate Automaton Factory Striders.

The screenshot showcases two main objectives, those being the aforementioned tanks on the North-West and North-East sections of the map but given their ability to move, those positions likely shift over the course of the game. Factory Striders have already proven to be especially brutal enemies, requiring Helldivers to bring in their most advanced Strategems to simply dent their thick metal casings and, eventually, bring them down.


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As the Helldivers 2 continues to request a melee weapon, developer Arrowhead Studios is apparently still considering adding one to the game.

The Factory Strider Is Helldivers Ultimate Weapon

Helldivers Should Prioritize Heavy Explosives

To massive Automatons flanking a helmetless Helldiver
Custom Image by Brad Lang

When Factory Striders were quietly introduced into Helldivers 2, the community was quick to begin testing strategies for toppling the AT-AT-inspired unit. Many believed the best option was to shoot the Strider’s head with a fully-charged Quasar Cannon shot but this was quickly dismissed when it was discovered that the 500KG bomb was the most reliable way of destroying it. Given how expensive the massive explosive is to order into the battlefield, Helldivers will need to make sure their Strategem placement is on point to gain the maximum amount of damage from the blast.

Aside from the 500KG Bomb, the other useful Stratagem when it comes to toppling the Factory Strider is the Orbital Laser even though it requires some persistent aim on behalf of the user. Squads should do their best to combine the effects of the aforementioned Stratagems if they want to bring down the tanks in as little time as possible. Having said that, Helldivers have 40 minutes to successfully destroy both Striders, which should be ample time when it comes to dealing with the foes.

The Automatons have become the dominant enemy force in Helldivers 2 ever since the community managed to almost completely eradicate the faction during the Operation Disassembly major order. The Factory Strider was deployed as a means of challenging players with arguably the strongest unit they’ve yet encountered but even then, Helldivers managed to pull together and destroy them all with aplomb. Now that they’re more common, it remains to be seen how the Automatons will grow even stronger.

Source: HellionBringer/Reddit

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February 8, 2024

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