• The Nova Arizona mod aims to expand
    Fallout: New Vegas
    by adding quests and lore to improve Ceaser’s Legion.
  • The expansion focuses on Southern territories like Dolan Springs, Solitaire Big Stop, and Newt.
  • Players should expect a significant delay in completion due to the project’s scale and volunteer team.



Fallout: New Vegas is already a massive game, but fans who want to take the experience even further by expanding on the game’s story and factions are in luck because a new mod is aiming to do just that. Over the course of The Courier’s adventure across the Mojave Wasteland, they’ll encounter all kinds of colorful NPCs, many of whom belong to some sketchy groups vying for control of the post-apocalyptic United States. One of the more barbaric is Ceaser’s Legion, and while they may come across as pure villains in the base game, Nova Arizona wants to improve them.

Posted to Nexus Mods by the Nova Arizona Team, “A Legion Lands Expansion” is a DLC-sized mod that aims to build upon the vanilla game with plenty of “lore-friendly” additions, including quests that better flesh out The Legion as Ceaser’s group receives a “total narrative overhaul” to make them more believable. While most of the new lore established in “Nova Arizona” has been created by the mod team, it’s largely based on cut content, design documents, and developer interviews. The mod is currently in beta and the developers are looking for volunteers to help to cross the finish line.


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Nova Arizona Is A Major Expansion

New Vegas Is Going Down South

The bulk of Nova Arizona’s new locations will be focused on the Southern territories of the Mojave Wasteland, which makes sense given that’s where The Legion has set up shop. Overall, New Vegas‘ playable area has been expanded by about 30% and most of the exterior locations have been finished as the team begins to pivot towards creating interiors and dungeons.

Given the general scale of the Nova Arizona mod, those expecting it to wrap up development any time soon may want to hold their horses. Considering that the team behind the experience consists of volunteers, a project of this size will likely take a great deal of time to complete. Having said that, the final product is already shaping up to be quite an expansion, and sounds like it will be a necessary addition to most players’ collection of mods.


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The Nexus Mods page for Nova Arizona provides an itemized list of where progress stands in various areas, with the worldspace being the aspect that’s closest to completion. Actually filling that area out with things to do is in earlier stages, so checking out the beta version will result in a comparatively bare experience.

Area of Development


Exterior Worldspace


Interior Worldspace






NPC Dialogue


Loot & Combat Encounters


New Areas In New Vegas Mod Nova Arizona

Fallout’s Desert Wasteland Is Getting A Lot Bigger

Nova Arizona’s most exciting additions to Fallout: New Vegas come in the form of major settlements, and there’s an impressive variety of flavor among these new locations. Tensions are boiling up in the Legion-controlled farming town of Dolan Springs thanks to new arrivals in the area, while the fishing village of Newt faces the opposite problem with a shortage of both people and resources. The Malpais Legion Camp is home to a new Legate character named Marcellus Sedonus, who is apparently an unstable leader for the major supply hub.


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The iron thumb of the Legion seems to be pressing the hardest upon Solitare Big Stop, which has a history of occupation by both the NCR and Legion. Unlike some of the more ramshackle locations in the mod, this has the decaying iconography of a mid-century truck stop, playing nicely into the warped nostalgia of Fallout: New Vegas. Nova Arizona also includes a substantial expansion to the Legion Fort called the Base Camp, replacing a previously inaccessible area.

How Installing Nova Arizona Works

It’s Not The Most Complicated New Vegas Mod

An Arizona sign on an abandoned highway in Fallout: New Vegas mod Nova Arizona.

Nova Arizona requires multiple files to download, along with some tweaks to the way Fallout: New Vegas handles LOD generation, which is detailed on the modding guide website Viva New Vegas. It isn’t otherwise dependent on further mods, however, which could make it a simpler baseline installation than some other major content additions.

The bottom of the Nexus Mods page for Nova Arizona does include a list of recommendations for mods that would work nicely alongside it, which mostly expand the Legion or the Mojave Desert in various ways. Even for those unsure about checking out Nova Arizona while it’s still in progress, some of these other options could be worth the download, like the substantial NPC additions found in The Living Desert, uploaded to Nexus Mods by ElPascal.

Fallout: New Vegas
is one of Nexus Mods’ most popular games, boasting over 33,000 unique creations.

Fallout: New Vegas may already be regarded as the best game in the series, even if it has a number of shortcomings, but that hasn’t stopped the community from doing its best to elevate Obsidian Entertainment’s vision of the Wasteland even higher. Thousands of mods exist for the 14-year-old game, many of which fundamentally alter the gameplay or add on hours’ worth of new content. If Nova Arizona’s beta build is any indication, it’ll be one of the game’s biggest expansions yet, so fans ought to keep their eyes peeled for more updates.

Sources: Nova Arizona Team/Nexus Mods, Viva New Vegas,ELPascal/Nexus Mods

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