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Compatible with 2018-2022 Samsung Smart TVs, including but not limited to the below models:

2022 : Neo QLED:QN800B, QN900B, QN85B, QN90B, QN95B OLED: S95B QNED: Q60B, Q70B, Q80B, Q90B, BU7000, BU8000, BU9000

2021 : QLED: QN9**A, QN8**A, QN7**A, QN9*A, QN8*A, Q8*A , Q7A, Q6*A, Life Style: LS**A, AU8***, AU9***

2020: The Terrace: LST*T Q8**T, Q9**T, LSR9, LS**T, Q7*T, Q8*T, Q9*T, TU8***, TU9***

2019: Q***R, Q**R, LS**R, RU****

2018: NSxxxx,NUxxxx,series QxxNx, series LSxxxNx, Q9FN

It serves as a perfect replacement to all Samsung 2018-2022 Smart Remotes:

2022 : BN59-01385A, BN59-01385B

2021: BN59-01357A,BN59-01274A, BN59-01266A, BN59-01292A

2020: BN59-01330A BN59-01329A, BN59-01266A

2019: BN59-01312A, BN59-01312G

2018: BN59-01259B BN59-01298A BN59-01300A

!!Notice:Please do Not purchase if your Samsung TV does’nt support voice control. This latest premium remote is designed for All Samsung Smart TVs that supports voice control function,



⚠️【Notice】This upgraded voice remote only works for Samsung TVs with voice function. If your Samsung TV doesn’t have voice function, please don’t purchase it.
【Compatibility】This new premium remote is designed as a replacement for Most 2018-2022 Samsung voice remotes, include but not limited to BN59-01385A/B, BN59-01312A BN59-01312F BN59-01312D BN59-01312E BN59-01312F BN59-01312G BN59-01312K BN59-01312L BN59-01312M BN59-01312X BN59-01312U BN59-01312T BN59-01329A BN59-01329C BN59-01329F BN59-01330A BN59-01330C BN59-01330H BN59-01330N BN59-01330Q BN59-01330N BN59-01330M BN59-01330H BN59-01312Q and others.
【Intelligent Voice Control】With its advanced chip, this remote offers precise Bluetooth voice control from a long distance. It enables you to search, launch and pause millions of contents from anywhere and any angles within 40 inches. Purchase it now to bring your home entertainment to the next level.
【Eco-Friendly and Durable】Designed with premium, sustainable ABS materials, our remote is engineered for longevity and safety, making it ideal for families, including children, pets, and the elderly. Featuring cutting-edge energy-saving technology, it offers extended battery life for your convenience.
【1-Year Full Warranty】Enjoy a one-year warranty on all purchases. For replacements or refunds within this period, please contact us. Our 30+ years of experience in the U.S. guarantees your satisfaction with our high-quality products.
【Easy-to-use for All Age Group】First insert two AAA batteries and. Press and hold the Back/Exit and Play/Pause buttons at the same time for 5 seconds and you will see the message “Pairing complete” in your TV screen.

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