Warning: Contains spoilers for chapter #1108 of One Piece.


  • Blackbeard learning about the Ancient Weapons will be catastrophic for Luffy and the world of
    One Piece
  • Blackbeard has become Luffy’s biggest competitor in becoming the Pirate King, with an equal number of Road Poneglyphs and knowledge.
  • The race toward Laugh Tale intensifies as Blackbeard gains power, hinting at an epic final war in
    One Piece

In light of recent events in One Piece, it has become glaringly obvious that Luffy’s final opponent will be none other than Blackbeard, and the series may have just made him even more powerful by giving him access to the feared Ancient Weapons. With two of the most powerful devil fruits in One Piece and a fearsome crew with just as dangerous fruit users, Blackbeard poses the biggest threat to Luffy.


One Piece Finally Teases An Answer To Blackbeard’s Big Mystery

One Piece just dropped a major hint about Blackbeard, teasing the existence of an all-new race like the Buccaneers which could solve a big mystery.

In chapter #1108 of One Piece, Caribou finds two of Blackbeard’s ten Titanic Captains, Van Augur and Catarina Devon on Egghead and asks them to take him to Blackbeard claiming he has valuable information to share. The chapter reveals that Caribou knows that Pluton is hidden beneath Wano and that Shirahoshi wields the power of Poseidon. Caribou intends to share this information about the Ancient Weapons with Blackbeard, which could make Blackbeard more powerful than ever should he choose to seek out the Ancient Weapons.

Caribou asks Van Augur and Catarina to let him meet blackbeard and reveals he has important information to share about the Ancient Weapons in One Piece

The only other people who currently know about Pluton’s exact location are Robin and Law, both of whom learned of the secret from Kozuki Sukiyaki when he showed them the Road Poneglyph hidden in Wano. Meanwhile, Poseidon’s existence remains a secret known only by Robin and King Neptune, and Blackbeard learning these secrets could spell catastrophe and change the course of the series.

Blackbeard’s Captains

Devil Fruits Used


Jesus Burgess

Riki Riki no Mi

Increased Strength


Suke Suke no Mi

Stealth And Invisibility

Van Augur

Wapu Wapu no Mi


Avalo Pizarro

Shima Shima no Mi

Land Mass Assimilation And Control



Wings Or Hypnosis

Catarina Devon

Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Kyubi no Kitsune

Nine-tailed Fox Transformation

Sanjuan Wolf

Deka Deka no Mi

Increased Size And Stature

Vasco Shot

Gabu Gabu no Mi

Transformation Into “Booze Man”

Doc Q

Shiku Shiku no Mi

Disease Spreading

Kuzan AKA Aokiji

Hie Hie no Mi

Control Over Ice And Cold

Blackbeard Learning About the Ancient Weapons Will Be Catastrophic

One Piece created by Eichiiro Oda, chapter #1108, “Come In, World”

Chapter #1108 also reveals that the “certain someone” Caribou mentioned in chapter #1056 who would like to know about Pluton was none other than Blackbeard, implying that Caribou intended to ally with Blackbeard well in advance. The implication is that Blackbeard and his allies will only have an even larger villainous presence moving forward.

Caribou hears about Poseidon in Wano and plans to tell a certain someone in chapter 1056 of One Piece

As insignificant as Caribou has been thus far, his decision to share this information could have far-reaching consequences not only for Luffy and the Straw Hats, but also for Wano, Fishman Island, and the world of One Piece at large.

Blackbeard will surely jump at the opportunity once he learns of their existence.

Unlike Luffy, who wouldn’t be interested in the Ancient Weapons’ power, Blackbeard will surely jump at the opportunity once he learns of their existence. The Ancient Weapons are said to wield unimaginable power and have been sought out by the World Government for centuries. Gaining such immense power would greatly aid Blackbeard with his goal of conquering the world while also making him near-untouchable by the World Government or any other foes.

Luffy gives momonosuke the straw hat jolly roger and declares wano his territory in One Piece

More importantly, Luffy has declared both Wano and Fishman Island his territories, and Blackbeard interfering with them would certainly ignite a catastrophic conflict between the two Emperors. Trying to acquire Pluton will likely cause massive destruction to Wano as the weapon is hidden deep within the earth. Any harm to Shirahoshi is something Luffy will not tolerate either, and a possible confrontation between Blackbeard and Luffy at Fishman Island over this matter may even bring Madame Sharley’s prophecy about Fishman Island’s destruction to fruition.

Madame Sharley is a mermaid from Fishman Island known for her clairvoyance who prophesied that Luffy would one day destroy Fishman Island.

Blackbeard Has Become Luffy’s Biggest Competitor

The Pirate King: Blackbeard vs. Luffy

Having acquired Law’s Road Poneglyph rubbings after defeating the Heart Pirates at Winner Island, Blackbeard has the same number of Poneglyphs as Luffy. He also has a way of reading them through Pudding, who has awakened her third eye and gained the power to decipher them. Gaining knowledge of the Ancient Weapons not only puts Blackbeard on equal footing with Luffy, but also makes him Luffy’s biggest competition for the title of the Pirate King. ​​​

The race towards Laugh Tale has gotten more intense than ever and the stakes will only continue as the story progresses.

Either way, the race towards Laugh Tale has gotten more intense than ever and the stakes will only continue as the story progresses. Blackbeard is quickly establishing himself as a major player and the battle over the Ancient Weapons may be the catalyst that ignites One Piece‘s epic final war at last.

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