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OUR ORIGINAL GUT FRIENDLY PROTEIN POWDER IS BACK: Experience once again our exceptional protein powder featuring the exact formula you loved before. With clean, gut friendly low FODMAP ingredients from the US and Sweden, our protein powder blends a mixture of Oat Protein and Collagen Peptides to provide comprehensive nutrition, supporting your body’s needs while promoting digestive health and well-being. Please note that packaging may vary slightly from the image.
RECOMMENDED GLOBALLY BY DIETITIANS: You can trust in our gut friendly low FODMAP protein powders, endorsed by dietitians and nutritionists globally. As the foremost gut-friendly protein powder brand, we deliver high-quality, clean nutrition that your gut loves and taste buds crave.
CERTFIED LOW FODMAP with MONASH UNIVERSITY: Our delicious gut-friendly protein powders are Certified Low-FODMAP by Monash University, boasting a powerhouse of nutrients: 20g of protein, 8g of fiber, 3g of MCT oil, and over 18g of collagen peptides. The protein powder is easily digestible, making it an ideal choice for individuals with digestive sensitivities. Plus, with various ingredients known to help improve gut health, such as beta-glucan, prebiotics, MCT oil, collagen, and oats, our products are an excellent choice for people looking for a protein powder that helps with overall body wellness.
HELPS with IBS AND GUT SENSITIVITY RELIEF: Specifically crafted for those looking for relief from bloating, SIBO, and IBS, our protein powders help alleviate symptoms by eliminating high-FODMAP trigger ingredients found in almost all other protein powders. Clinical Trial showed a staggering 75% of IBS sufferers find relief through a low-FODMAP diet, and our products align seamlessly with this effective approach. As always, we encourage anyone who wants to follow a low FODMAP diet to work with a licensed or registered dietitian/nutritionist before beginning.
OVERALL GUT HEALTH SUPPORT: Experience the transformative benefits of our Low FODMAP gut-friendly protein powder for yourself. Crafted with a healing blend of beta-glucan, prebiotic fibers, MCT Oil, and protein, our easily digestible proteins are designed to help improve the microbiome diversity in the gut, amplify energy levels, improve mood, and enhance digestion while supporting immune system function.

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