Pankhuri Awasthy Reveals How She Returned To Size 'S' Within 7 Months Of Delivery, 'I Didn't Make..'

Television actress, Pankhuri Awasthy married popular actor, Gautam Rode in 2018. Now, the duo is enjoying every moment of their parenthood with their twin daughters, Radhya and Raditya. From sharing sneak peeks into the baby girls’ growing period to opening up about the perks of being doting parents, Pankhuri and Gautam never miss a chance to update their fans with lovely insights from their lives. Now, Pankhuri opened up about her postpartum fitness journey and mentioned how she returned to her pre-pregnancy shape within 7 months of delivery.

Pankhuri Awasthy talks about her post-pregnancy weight loss journey

Taking to her IG handle, Pankhuri Awasthy talked about her weight loss journey after giving birth to twin children. The actress, who had weight fluctuations during her pregnancy, revealed that she lost significant weight to return to her pre-pregnancy size. Elaborating more about this, she wrote:

“Life 7 months postpartum! “We’re getting there! My weight when I got pregnant was 47. Out of the 21/22 kg that I put on… Lost 10 kg’s within 1 week postpartum (obviously water weight, babies weight, placentas etc). Was fluctuating 56-58 for a good 3 months plus.. started my diet on 23rd November, 4 months postpartum. Now I’m 7 months postpartum, on a three-month diet.. (where I ate almost everything and in good quantity considering breastfeeding two babies) and have lost almost 5-6 kgs…”

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Pankuri reveals she didn’t do as per her dietician, talks about how she returned to size ‘s’

Further, by sharing two pictures of her current position, Pankhuri opened up about how she could successfully return to her size ‘s’. She mentioned although she embraced every change with motherhood and transformed back very patiently, but she didn’t do everything that her dietician asked. Moreover, she mentioned how she constantly tasted good food. She added:

“By everything I don’t mean that I didn’t make the necessary changes as suggested by my dietician @calorifime_by_anjubansal .. but what I do mean is that this is possibly the only diet I could have followed given the love I have for food and good tasting food. While my diet is over now. I know that in these 3 months, my eating habits have changed and with those changes in my diet I’m not going to be leaving. So all in all happy happy to be almost back to where I was. Back in my old jeans, back in my size “s”. It’s actually really not about the size.. coz I loved being fuller and pregnant.. but that sense of being closer to who and how you were also is big.. so here’s to that!”

Pankhuri Awasthy gave a sneak peek into her kids’ Annaprashan ceremony

Earlier, Pankhuri Awasthy shared a cute glimpse of her twin babies, Radhya and Raditya’s Annaprashan ceremony on her IG stories. For the unversed, the Annaprashan ceremony marks the infant’s first intake of cooked rice. Thus, the ritual is celebrated with extreme enthusiasm among all Hindu families. Giving a sneak peek into her kids’ ceremony, Pankhuri showed two little shoes worn by her daughter and son, respectively. Her IG story also featured a silver bowl with two silver spoons. Moreover, we spotted stains of milk-rich food in the bowl, which seemed that the kids savoured the kheer made up of rice and milk with great taste.

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Pankhuri and Gautam’s twins celebrated their first Rakshabandhan

During Rakshabandhan in 2023, Pankhuri and Gautam collaboratively took to their respective IG handles and shared a beautiful glimpse of their twin babies. It was their kids’ first Rakshabandhan, and their doting parents didn’t miss the chance to drool millions of hearts with their cutesy moment. In the picture, the baby girl was seen tying the first-ever rakhi on her baby brother’s hand. Though the babies’ faces were not visible in the photo, they looked cute as buttons in ethnic kurtas.

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