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Peaknip Jewelry Polishing ClothPeaknip Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Peaknip Jewerly Cleaning ClothPeaknip Jewerly Cleaning Cloth

Peaknip Polishing ClothPeaknip Polishing Cloth

Peaknip Polishing ClothPeaknip Polishing Cloth

Peaknip Polishing Cloth Preserve Value

Protect your most valuable gems with the soft touch of 100% cotton-gentle care, not harsh cleaners.

Restore Brilliance Restore Brilliance

Bring back the dazzling sparkle your jewelry deserves.

Enhance Beauty Enhance Beauty

Elevate the allure of your gems and metals.

1 Preserve Value 2 Restore Brilliance 3 Enhance Beauty

Restore the BrillianceRestore the Brilliance

Peaknip Jewelry ClothPeaknip Jewelry Cloth

FROM DULL TO DAZZLE – Keep your favorite pieces looking like new with Peaknip’s polishing and cleaning cloth. Its powerful but safe ingredients restore your 14Kand 18K gold, sterling silver, platinum, and diamond jewelry and silverware set’s original luster, so you can shine!
DUAL-ACTION 2-LAYER CLOTH – The cloth’s white inner layer contains powerful, non-toxic cleaning agents to remove tarnish and dirt from jewelry. The grey outer layer polishes, buffs, and shines to make your favorite pieces sparkle.
ANTI-TARNISH SHIELD – This jewelry cleaner provides a long-lasting layer of protection to prevent jewelry from tarnishing. What’s more, its 100% ultra-soft cotton material doesn’t scratch and is jewelry safe, so you can use it on any material.
MULTI-PURPOSE – This extra-large, foldable cloth is easy to handle and ideal for cleaning and polishing any type of jewelry or silverware of any size. It’s convenient to use at home or when you travel.
SAFE INGREDIENTS – The Peaknip cleaning and polishing cloth is made in the USA and contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives to keep you and the environment safe.

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