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XEELA’S PREMIUM PROTEIN – Xeela is the best way to add healthy, lean protein to your daily routine. Taste, mixability, texture, and even bioavailability have been refined to the level that Xeela is known for. Everyone can benefit from introducing plant based protein into their daily diet.
ORGANIC & VEGAN – Our protein sources are organic and vegan-friendly, containing no artificial flavors or colors. Our protein is also soy and lactose free. Xeela Clean Protein is made of organic brown rice and pea protein. We perform independent testing on every batch of every product, so you never have to worry with Xeela!
BROWN RICE AND PEA PROTEIN – Brown rice protein and pea protein are perfect for people who are lactose intolerant, live a vegan lifestyle, or just prefer plant-based protein sources. Pea protein is extracted from peas by drying and grounding peas into a fine flour, mixing with water, and removing the fiber and starch, leaving mostly protein with vitamins and minerals.
SUN FLOWER AMINO ACIDS – While other BCAAs are derived from animal parts, Xeela gets our amino acids from fermented sunflowers. BCAAs, or Branched Chain Amino Acids, are commonly consumed in the form of supplements. A large number of bodybuilders and fitness conscious people take BCAAs to lose body fat and build muscle mass.
GOURMET FLAVORS – We’re confident that Xeela Clean Protein is the best tasting plant based protein powder in the world. You’ll look forward to finishing every workout with a delicious tasting protein drink. Browse our many flavors to find your favorite.

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