Price: $19.99
(as of Mar 09, 2024 22:40:26 UTC – Details)

Changing classic board games that you know by heart: test the next generation quiz game! Always up to date thanks to the Google Assistant and professor kNOW!
With kNOW! No need for knowledge, fun and intuition are at the center of the game! Thanks to the Google Assistant and its famous “Ok Google”, questions never get older and the answers update based on where and when you play!
Guess “What time does the sun rise tomorrow?” and the Google Assistant will split you. Complete the phrase “To infinity and…”. Find out how to make Google say “spinach”. Suggest the word that will have the most results on Google, etc.
Fun, Culture, Intuition, and Creativity are the new ingredients of this connected quiz game! 9 mini-games and over 1600 fun and amazing questions! Suitable for ages 10/16. From 3 to 6 players.
New questions are added regularly and free of charge online. Playable offline or online via the voice application “Google Assistant” on mobile phone, tablet, Google Home and Google Home mini.

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