Price: $33.99
(as of Mar 05, 2024 06:27:58 UTC – Details)

Intelligent Brightness Control: Automatically adapts screen brightness to suit your room’s lighting.Plus, you have the freedom to fine-tune brightness levels from 0 to 100% when the auto-dimming is turned off. Enjoy personalized illumination at your fingertips!
Auto-Dim alarm clock and sound machine with night light combination device. Upgraded driver offer 30-level volume settings for precise control, helps block disruptive ambient noise to sleep comfortable and peaceful. Wake up with gentle nature sounds.
20 Soothing Sounds for Better Sleep: From white noise to nature tunes like birdsong and ocean waves, plus new additions like yoga and meditation music. Set your favorite sound to auto-stop after 15 to 120 minutes for a restful slumber.
Compact Bedside Alarm Clock: Six natural sound alarms for a soothing wake-up experience. Seamlessly blending with modern home decor, it’s a stylish addition to any bedroom.
8 Soft Night Lights with Extra Full-Color Cycling: Enjoy peaceful ‘Rainbow’ hues and soft, sleep-friendly illumination, fostering a relaxing, cozy bedtime atmosphere for you and your little one.
Plug in to use: Come with 59in DC adapter, long enough. Battery just memory all the settings, the display will go blank and alarm will not sound.

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