• Red Hood’s cringy catchphrase, ”
    Let the punishment fit the crime
    !” was rightfully shut down by Nightwing.
  • Jason Todd’s catchphrase is seen in
    Batman & Robin Vol. 1: Batman Reborn
  • Despite the corniness, his catchphrase reflects his moral code as judge, jury, and executioner.



As Red Hood’s new solo series, Red Hood: The Hill, gains momentum, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on Jason Todd’s character evolution, including some of his most cringe-worthy moments that were luckily witnessed and curbed by Nightwing. Among Jason’s cringiest moments was his repetitive use of a catchphrase so corny that not even Dick Grayson, the pun-master himself, could overlook it.

Batman & Robin Vol. 1: Batman Reborn by Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely, and Philip Tan marked Dick Grayson’s transition into the role of Batman, with Damian Wayne becoming Robin and Jason Todd returning as the Red Hood.

Batman & robin Batman Reborn featuring Red Hood shouting Let the punishment fit the crime.

This rendition of the Red Hood introduced not only a new costume, colloquially referred to by fans as Jason’s “Pill-Head” era, but also a catchphrase as corny as it was unoriginal: “Let the punishment fit the crime! Needless to say, Dick Grayson’s Batman was far from impressed.

Red Hood’s Forgotten (and Corny) Catchphrase Is: Let the Punishment Fit the Crime!

Batman & Robin Batman Reborn featuring Batman telling Red Hood to stop talking in slogans

In issue five, during a confrontation between Red Hood and Scarlet against Batman and Robin, Jason shouts, “Red Hood and Scarlet say let the punishment fit the crime!” along with several other dramatic sayings. It’s at this point that Dick finally puts his foot down and tells Jason to “Stop talking in slogans.Given Dick’s penchant for verbal sparring and puns, it speaks volumes that he’s telling Jason to tone it down. In that moment, it becomes evident that Dick is unimpressed with Jason’s attempted villainy and even less so with his chosen slogan.

Due to the more recent interpretations of Red Hood, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Jason had some very uncool moments, especially since Red Hood has earned a reputation as one of DC’s coolest and most badass characters. However, it’s moments like this, where Jason is shouting overused slogans, that serve as a reminder that he’s also a giant dork. Instead of sounding intimidating and edgy, it evoked a major dose of secondhand embarrassment. Fortunately, Dick was there to humble him.


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Jason Todd’s “Let the Punishment Fit the Crime!” Reflects His Moral Code

red hood turned away from the reader jason todd

Despite Red Hood’s catchphrase being corny, it actually does a pretty great job of representing Jason’s ethos and moral code that fans have observed throughout his character’s development over the decades. Even though he doesn’t use this catchphrase anymore, it still effectively summarizes his school of thought and embodies his role as judge, jury, and executioner, a role that other Bat Family members have criticized him for. With Jason currently in the midst of a new solo series, Red Hood: The Hill, it will be interesting to see how his moral code evolves or remains unchanged.

Batman & Robin Vol. 1: Batman Reborn is available now from DC Comics!


Batman & Robin Batman Reborn cover featuring Batmobile

  • Writer: Grant Morrison
  • Artists: Frank Quitely, Philip Tan, and Jonathan Glapion
  • Colorist: Alex Sinclair & Pete Pantazis
  • Letterer: Pat Brosseau
  • Cover Artist: Frank Quitely & Alex Sinclair

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