After reuniting a decade ago and going on several tours since then, Swedish post-hardcore luminaries Refused have announced their final festival show in their home country. The band will perform their first concert in four years at Stockholm’s Rosendal Garden Party this June.

The three-day festival takes place June 14-16, with the Cardigans, M.I.A., and Massive Attack slated to headline. Also performing at Rosendal Garden Party are Grace Jones, Turnstile, Raye, Saint Levant, and the Heavy.

Refused made an immediate and lasting impact in the hardcore scene with The Shape of Punk to Come, their 1998 album, which has since become a classic of the genre. Later that year, they disbanded. After a reunion tour in 2012, Refused returned two years later with bigger plans, going on to release their 2015 comeback record Freedom and 2019’s War Music.

Read about Refused “New Noise” at No. 245 in “The 250 Best Songs of the 1990s.”

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