• Scarlet Witch puts a terrifying twist on a classic Matrix scene in The Avengers #12.
  • Homage turns to intimidation as Scarlet Witch uses bullet time to ward off Orchis guards.
  • The act hints at Scarlet Witch’s dark side, raising questions of her potential return to villainy.



Warning: Spoilers for The Avengers #12!One of the most iconic scenes in The Matrix gets the Marvel treatment courtesy of Scarlet Witch. The Matrix has earned a reputation for being one of the most iconic movies of all time. This is proven by just how many scenes have been parodied and copied to death, especially during the early 2000s.

The Scarlet Witch finds a way to put a shocking twist on one of the most iconic Matrix scenes in The Avengers #12 by Jed MacKay, Francesco Mortarino, Federico Blee, and VC’s Cory Petit. In a final strike mission against Orchis led by Iron Man, Scarlet Witch wards off a horde of Orchis guards by stopping their bullets in mid-air, similar to what Keanu Reeves’ Neo character does in the climax of the first Matrix movie.

Neo stopping bullets in The Matrix

Scarlet Witch’s actions are not merely an homage to this movie moment. A scene that was once labeled cool is turned into something terrifying with some frightening implications.

Scarlet Witch Uses Matrix Style Bullet Time

What Once Was Cool is Now Terrifying

The thrilling conclusion to The Matrix sees Neo confronted by Agent Smith and his two clones. The dastardly trio fire several bullets in Neo’s direction, and in response, Neo merely halts his hands up. Miraculously, the bullets all stop in unison before he defeats Agent Smith once and for all. To Morpheus’ jaw-dropping shock and amazement, this is all he needs to see to confirm the suspicions that he’s had all along: Neo truly is The One.

Flash forward to 2024, where in The Avengers #6, Wanda Maximoff is confronted by several members of the mutant hate group Orchis. Alone, numerous bullets are fired at her, but like Neo before her, she stops them all in mid-air. While Neo would let the bullets hit the floor, Wanda lets them levitate while delivering a threatening speech. She gives these Orchis soldiers to the count of 60 before she’s ready to unleash the bullets back at them, if they don’t evacuate the premises. It’s hard to know for sure if they listen to her warning, as they are never seen again.

Scarlet Witch Still Has Her Villainous Tendencies

Scarlet Witch in Earth-838 in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

t’s a sign to watch out for in the future, in case this shout-out to
The Matrix
ends up being foreshadowing for Scarlet Witch actually returning to her evil ways sooner than later

While this is a reminder of how powerful the Scarlet Witch really is, it is also a reminder of her villainous past, as well as just how easily she could one day return to the dark side. Not unlike her MCU villain twist, Wanda’s dark side is well-documented. Despite being an Avenger, she hasn’t discarded those evil tendencies.

If she does indeed murder the humans in this issue, that’s not likely to sit well with her teammates, who are against killing. It’s a sign to watch out for in the future, in case this shout-out to The Matrix ends up being foreshadowing for Scarlet Witch actually returning to her evil ways sooner than later.

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