Global B2B tours platform Servantrip offers tips on  how travel agencies and intermediaries can bank on the growing trend for travellers visiting dupe destinations. 

Servantrip CEO Manuel Núñez remarked on how travel agents need to create unforgettable experiences for travellers going for dupe destinations.

Núñez feels that tours and activities could play a key role in the shift to dupe destinations. He went on to point out how travellers need to be aware of the activities available at those destinations.

Núñez adds: “I recommend to B2B2C travel sellers such as travel agencies, OTAs, or tour operators a few key strategies: first, get clients to book in advance to secure tickets early and help them avoid long lines or sold-out situations.

“Guided tours can offer in-depth knowledge and hassle-free experiences. Stay flexible and have a backup plan, as weather or unforeseen circumstances can affect travellers’ plans. Prioritise must-see attractions by listing top choices and planning an itinerary around them.’

The CEO also recommends that agents stay informed by checking for updates on opening hours, health guidelines, and any changes to attractions that they can let their clients know about.

With this in mind, Servantrip sees a major opportunity for travel intermediaries to boost their sales by cross-selling tours and activities at dupe destinations. 

Why consider dupe destinations?

Recent Skyscanner research shows how travellers are searching for dupe destinations – alternative vacation spots that are more budget-friendly and less crowded than already-popular destinations – where they can enjoy new experiences.

Skyscanner conducted a survey last year, revealing that 93 percent of travellers are willing to consider less popular destinations. Of this, around 64 percent based their decisions on cost savings.

Examples of this shift included Milos, which offers stunning landscapes and beaches similar to Santorini but with fewer tourists; and Budapest, which boasts beautiful architecture and a rich cultural scene at a lower cost compared to Paris. 

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