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The Shinra Manor contains a locked vault in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Finding the hidden password will unlock the door and reveal its secrets. This is a mandatory main story quest that needs to be completed to progress the narrative.



This mission is a major story change from the original 1997 game that reworks Vincent Valentine’s recruitment quest. It focuses more on Vincent’s past tormentor, Professor Hojo, than the next party member. Still, you will fight a returning boss that behaves similarly to its previous incarnation.


How Old Is Yuffie In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Yuffie’s age in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is known, but not often mentioned. This is exactly how old the ninja is during the events of the PS5 game.

Cait Sith Takes the Lead

Cait Sith Becomes Party Leader in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Upon reaching the town of Nibelheim in Chapter 11, the team will split up. Cloud, Tifa, and Yuffie will wander off on their own separate adventure; Red XIII will also eventually track them down. Recent new team recruits Cait Sith will take Aerith and Barret into his own squad. Be sure to equip all three of the latter with appropriate level weapons, armor, and materia.

Cait Sith plays a little bit differently than the main hero of
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
, Cloud Strife. Due to his small size he is able to fit into small passages like air ducts.
Also, his giant stuffed moogle can easily move objects and pull switches too heavy for Cait.

Very often, Cait Sith will have to split off to open up the main doors for the larger Aerith and Barret. You will still need to engage in some solo combat. Be sure to use plenty of healing or retreat if you suffer too much damage.

Crate Numbers

Once regrouping as a whole team of three, you will find several palettes with cargo crates sitting on top of them. If you are currently using Barret or Aerith, switch back to Cait Sith as the controllable character. Pull all the crates back, and they will reveal a sequence of numbers from left to right:

Nearby the written combination will be a computer terminal. Put in the exact sequence of numbers and the vault will unlock. Upon entering, an ominous hologram of Hojo will be displayed.
This will then release a ferocious boss, the Forgotten Specimen.

Fighting the Forgotten Specimen

Hojo releases the Forgotten Specimen in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

The Forgotten Specimen is a variant of the Lost Number boss from the original Final Fantasy 7. Just like its former self, it is a two-tone monster that switches between physical and magical modes. It is best to equip an Assess Materia, which is a great hidden feature to make fights easier in FF7 Rebirth. By assessing throughout the fight, you will have a clear idea of the Forgotten Specimen’s current attacks and weaknesses.

Physical Mode

When Forgotten Specimen becomes fully blue, it will prioritize melee attacks. Try to keep at range with Barret to avoid unnecessary damage. However, it can use “Overhead Smash” to leap on top of a single ally. It briefly telegraphs most of its moves, giving you a few seconds to move out of the way.

Magic Mode

Forgotten Specimen can also become a red mash of tentacles, and focuses on thunder magic. Try to stay up close with Cait Sith, but still use magic yourself. Forgotten Specimen can attempt to sleep individual characters; cleanse this status if it applies.

Eventually, the Forgotten Specimen will merge back into two split colors, signaling it is close to death. Unleash your strongest attacks or one of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s limit breaks to finish it off. Afterward, the two parties will regroup and soon discover Vincent’s private chambers.

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