The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) launched a Concept and Price Revenue tender for the development and operation of a new wellness attraction at the Marina South Coastal site. 

A fundamental part of STB’s strategy for growing wellness tourism, the proposed attraction will offer holistic and immersive wellness experiences to visitors. 

Prominently situated along the waterfront, the wellness attraction at the four-hectare site promises to become one of the key attractions in the precinct on completion. It compliments other places of interest, including Gardens by the Bay, the Founders’ Memorial in Bay East, and Marina Barrage. 

According to STB executive director for world expo and special projects Carrie Kwik: “With the rising demand for more restorative and wellness-related experiences, we believe Singapore is well-placed to be a leading urban wellness destination that prioritises holistic well-being. The tender marks a significant stride towards realising our wellness ambition as we leverage Singapore’s existing strengths in accessibility, technology and as a strong business hub.”

Open to both local and international bidders, the closing date for the submission of proposals is on 4 October 2024.

What the STB is looking for

STB opens the tender to proposals with innovative, high-quality concepts that can positively impact physical, emotional, or mental wellness. 

These may include therapeutic art, tech-based offerings such as flotation or light and frequencies-based modalities, complementary health and alternative therapies, as well as fitness or recovery-related activities, such as indoor and outdoor water or those utilising equipment.

The wellness attraction must also implement a strong pipeline of regular, high-quality wellness-themed events or programmes on its premises, as well as in public spaces within the wellness attraction or in the surrounding areas which will appeal to both tourists and residents.

An attraction for everyone

The wellness attraction will contribute to Singapore’s tourism sector by giving travellers more compelling reasons to extend their stay in the country. 

Locals will also get to enjoy the extensive range of wellness offerings available to improve their own physical and mental health. 

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