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  • Mace Windu’s homeworld, Harunn Kal, is explored in his new series, revealing more about his past and connections to Azita Cruuz.
  • Elements from Legends, like Harunn Kal’s capital Pelek Baw, are officially introduced back into the Star Wars canon.
  • The possibility of Mace Windu returning to Harunn Kal in the series adds excitement for upcoming issues.

Star Wars’ new Mace Windu series is revealing more about the titular Jedi Master’s homeworld. Known as Harunn Kal, very little is known about Windu’s homeworld as he was taken from his home as a child to become a member of the Jedi Order. However, this new series looks to be expanding upon what was revealed in Legends in some very exciting ways.

As seen in a new preview for Star Wars: Mace Windu #3 by Marc Bernardin and Georges Jeanty, Mace is protecting one Azita Cruuz who has a valuable new formula for hyperspace fuel that could massively impact the entire galaxy if it fell into the wrong hands. She’s also a fellow child of Harunn Kal. As seen in a new preview for the upcoming issue, Azita reveals her childhood living on the planet, one that could have been shared by Mace Windu in another life:

As Mace Windu learns more about his homeworld, it’s going to be very exciting to see what else about Harunn Kal might be revealed going forward in this new Star Wars series.


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Star Wars’ New Mace Windu Series Expands Upon Legends

Harunn Kal’s History Joins The Canon

Mace Windu Shatterpoint Cover Art

In Legends, Mace Windu’s homeworld was briefly referenced in the Dark Horse comics of the early 2000s. However, the planet was first named and identified in the 2003 novel Shatterpoint by Matt Stover. Likewise, this novel was also where the planet’s capital of Pelek Baw was first referenced, the very same mentioned by Azita Cruuz in this new issue.

As a result, this new issue of Mace Windu has officially taken elements known from Harunn Kal in Legends and made them official parts of the established Star Wars canon. This includes its various mountain ranges and seas of gas. Furthermore, Azita herself confirms that she was an orphan, just like Mace Windu before he was taken by the Jedi as was revealed in Shatterpoint.

Will Mace Windu Return To Harunn Kal?

Visiting His Homeworld Would Be Very Exciting

Mace Windu Custom Star Wars Image
Custom Image by Kevin Erdmann

Azita’s past as an orphan child of Harunn Kal is a life Windu could have certainly had had the Jedi not come for him. As such, it should prove to be very exciting to see what else about Harunn Kal might be revealed in the Star Wars canon. While it might be too much to hope for, perhaps protecting Azita from the various criminals seeking to claim the hyperspace formula will include a dynamic return to Harunn Kal as this new Mace Windu series continues.

Star Wars: Mace Windu #3 by Marvel Comics is available on April 17th.

Star Wars: Mace Windu #2 (2024)

Mace Windu #3 Cover Art

  • Writer: Marc Bernardin
  • Artist: Georges Jeanty
  • Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
  • Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
  • Cover Artist: Mateus Manhanini

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