A Starfield fan shares their mod that allows users to soar through the air with a significantly better booster pack that never runs out of fuel.


  • Explore
    like never before with the “Fly Around With Jetpack” mod, giving players more control and options for movement.
  • Boost Packs in
    are fun but limited, making horizontal movement difficult – this mod changes the game for the better.
  • Bethesda’s inclusion of Boost Packs in
    enhances exploration, with players eagerly anticipating new content and DLC in 2024.

While the Boost Packs in Starfield are no doubt a fun way to expand upon players’ traversal skills, one fan took it upon themselves to create an even better version of the feature. Players are able to hone their skills with Starfield‘s Boost Packs as they level up and add points to the skill but even at its highest level, the oxygen-guzzling equipment only allows users to fly up, making horizontal movement especially difficult and imprecise. Fortunately, those wanting to soar through the air like a Star Wars bounty hunter are in luck thanks to a new mod.

Over on Nexus Mods, user Moises shared their aptly titled “Fly Around With Jetpack” mod that allows players to maintain a constant horizontal motion without continually gaining altitude. Not only is it a simple adjustment to the Boost Pack that makes traversal slightly easier, but it also looks significantly cooler than constantly dipping in between spurts of fuel. The speed and longevity of the Pack remain unchanged, so players will still need to spend some points on making it more viable yet the ability to float in place should definitely make certain combat scenarios far more dynamic and engaging.


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Boost Packs are an essential way to explore Starfield’s many planets, but with so many to choose from, players need to pick the one right for them.

Starfield’s Boost Packs Are Cool, But What If They Were Better?

Full Control Makes Them Much More Versatile

A player waving at the camera with their ship in the background in Starfield

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using the “Fly Around With Jetpack” mod is the added control users will have over their movement. Considering that the vanilla Boost Pack still has to abide by the laws of physics, it’s only really used to speed up when exploring along a single path whereas, with the ability to manually control verticality, players have more diverse options when it comes to navigating over a particularly difficult mountain. Toss in a few extra mods to ensure the Boost Pack never runs out of fuel, Starfield suddenly morphs into a more functional version of Anthem.

community widely regards the Deepseeker Pack as the best Boost Pack

in the game thanks to its exceptional defense stats.

The addition of the Boost Pack to Starfield was an exceptional move on behalf of Bethesda given that it makes exploration significantly more fun than simply running between Points of Interest. Even better is the inclusion of several different models that can be found across the galaxy or purchased from vendors, providing players a means of selecting equipment that best works for them. There’s an impressive range of options with each one sporting unique stats that make them better or worse for different situations.

While the range of available Boost Packs in Starfield is already massive, the community is hoping for even more. Bethesda has confirmed that it’s busy working on new content for the game that will be released in the coming months; whether or not the patches will include additional equipment remains to be seen. Perhaps the Shattered Space DLC will include even more Boost Packs to discover but players will just need to wait and see when the expansion launches at some point in 2024.

Source: Moises/Nexus Mods

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September 6, 2023

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