• Starfire reveals a hidden power, challenging Raven’s role as the sole empath among the Titans.
  • Starfire’s emotional intelligence qualifies her to potentially lead the Titans, surpassing even Nightwing’s leadership.
  • Titans
    #10 by Tom Taylor explores Starfire’s perceptive abilities, proving that Kori is more than just brute force.



WARNING: Potential Spoilers for Titans #10 It’s undeniable that Starfire stands out as one of DC’s strongest heroes, with a powerset that surpasses most of her fellow Titans. Her iconic Starbolts are just one example of her many abilities that are distinctly unique to her. However, Kori also possesses a secret “power” typically associated with her fellow Titan Raven rather than herself.

Titans #10 by Tom Taylor, Lucas Meyer, and Adriano Lucas revisits the cliffhanger of issue #9, where the Dark-Winged Queen—successfully masquerading as the true Raven—manipulates Beast Boy’s psyche by removing his negative emotions.

Titans #10 featuring Starfire and Raven

In this latest installment, Beast Boy is depicted flying high, both figuratively and metaphorically, a sharp contrast to his previous depressive state following the events of Beast World. The sudden shift in Gar’s demeanor is noticed by all of the Titans, but only Starfire confronts Raven about Beast Boy’s sudden change, simultaneously revealing an intriguing facet of the Tamaranean’s powerset.

Kori reveals that even though she may not possess the mystical empath abilities that Raven does, she is still exceptionally perceptive when it comes to emotions.

Starfire: Sorry, Raven! But You Aren’t the Only Empath Among the Titans

Titans #10 featuring Starfire and Raven part 2

When approaching Raven about Beast Boy’s sudden change in demeanor, Starfire straightforwardly asks Raven if she had anything to do with it. When the Empath gives a non-answer, Kori elaborates, saying. “I come from an emotional people. I know deep feelings don’t change so swiftly.” In this moment, Kori reveals that even though she may not possess the mystical empath abilities that Raven does, she is still exceptionally perceptive when it comes to emotions, more so than their other teammates. Hence, Starfire’s secret “power” lies in her emotional perception and intelligence, echoing Raven’s own empathic abilities.

Starfire’s “empath” abilities serve as yet another reason why she should lead the Titans. A great leader possesses an intimate understanding of their teammates and can discern even the subtlest nuances of their behavior, no matter how insignificant they may seem. Kori’s emotional intelligence would greatly contribute to the smooth operation of the team. This is not to imply that Nightwing lacks emotional perception or is failing as a leader; in fact, Dick is an excellent and emotionally attuned leader. However, there are several other reasons why it may be time for Starfire to lead the Titans.

Nightwing Is a GREAT Leader, But Starfire Has the Potential to Be an Even BETTER Leader

Featured Image: Starfire (left) and Nightwing (right), romantic moment

Nightwing is arguably the most talented and beloved hero and leader of his generation, possessing a heart of gold that rivals even Superman’s. However, Dick also has obligations beyond the Titans, including his role as Bludhaven’s protector, his commitment to the Alfred Pennyworth Foundation, and his responsibilities to the Bat-Family. These priorities often draw him away from his team and their mission. In contrast, Kori lacks these external obligations; her family is the Titans. Therefore, it may be time for Nightwing to step down and allow Starfire to lead the Titans.

Titans #10 is available now from DC Comics!

TITANS #10 (2024)

Titans #10 cover featuring Trigon Nightwing starfire raven donna troy cyborg beast boy

  • Writer: Tom Taylor
  • Artist: Lucas Meyer
  • Colorist: Adriano Lucas
  • Letterer: Wes Abbott
  • Cover Artist: Chris Samnee & Mat Lopes

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