Paul Wesley’s performance as James T. Kirk in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 improved after his season 1 debut as an alternate reality Kirk.

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  • Paul Wesley discusses evolving as James T. Kirk in Strange New Worlds, learning from initial mistakes made in portraying the character.
  • Wesley appreciated starting with an alternate reality version of Kirk in Strange New Worlds season 1, allowing him to gradually grow into the role.
  • The actor’s approach to season 2 differed as he felt more settled, understanding that Kirk evolves and changes over time.



Saturn Award-winner Paul Wesley discusses the mistakes he learned from as he adjusted his portrayal of James T. Kirk in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Wesley is the first actor since WIlliam Shatner to portray Kirk on television. In two seasons of Strange New Worlds,Wesley portrayed 3 versions of James T. Kirk, starting with a Captain Kirk from an alternate future in Strange New Worlds season 1’s finale, “A Quality of Mercy.” Paul played yet another alternate reality Captain Kirk in Strange New Worlds season 2, episode 3, “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow” before coming back as Lieutenant James T. Kirk.

At the 51st Saturn Awards red carpet, Paul Wesley spoke to TrekMovie prior to his winning the Saturn for Best Guest Star in a Television Series for his portrayal of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘ James T. Kirk. Wesley spoke about the “mistakes” he made with the first version of Captain Kirk he played and how he grew into the character in Strange New Worlds season 2. Read his quote below:

TrekMovie: You started off with one episode in season 1 and then three in season 2; did you feel like you needed that first one to get it under your belt to get used to it, and was it weird that even in your second time it wasn’t the “real” Kirk either?

Paul Wesley: Yeah, to be honest with you, what I liked was that it kind of wasn’t the real Kirk in the first episode. So I was like, “Okay, let me get my footing, let me see what’s happening here,” because this is a Kirk that exists in an alternate reality. And I think once I got a little settled, then I approached season 2 in a completely different way and I was able to sort of maybe learn from those mistakes. And I love for me, Kirk evolves and Kirk is constantly evolving and he is evolving because he’s growing up. He’s not the Kirk that we know from
The Original Series
. So I’m able to just sort of do things that perhaps an actor wouldn’t be able to do if it was in the same exact time period. And so I’m really grateful that I can sort of gradually grow into the character.

Paul Wesley beat
Star Trek: Picard
season 3’s Amanda Plummer for the Best Guest Star in a Television Series Saturn Award.


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