Price: $53.99
(as of Mar 09, 2024 10:15:08 UTC – Details)

⏰【Magnetic Pet Accessory Kit】: Customize your mornings with our kit featuring a Bear, a Puppy, and a Unicorn. Tailor the kit and wake-up light to your liking or use the light solo. Magnetic lights inside ears and paws create a synchronized glow with the wake-up light. Depending on the version, enjoy 3D pet eyes/mouth stickers, rainbow pencils for personalization, and scratch cards for kids’ sleep interests. Craft your unique wake-up experience with this delightful accessory kit.
⏰【Optional Simulation of Aurora/Sunrise Light for Dual Alarm】: Various light wake-up modes, the light gradually changes over time. You can freely set a light wake-up interval between 10-60 minutes. Wake up with light only or set the sound to follow after the light wake-up, preventing scenarios where relying solely on light may not awaken deep sleepers. The sound also gradually increases, ensuring a natural sleep-to-wake transition. Independently configure dual alarms for Mon-Fri/Sat-Sun/Mon-Sun.
⏰【Dual-mode Sleep Companion with 3W Bluetooth & Built-in Melodies】: Sync your phone’s music to the ChimiAge light via Bluetooth or enjoy our 9 lullabies & natural sound white noises for sleep companionship & relaxation. Activate sleep companion mode, choose a duration between 10-240 minutes, both Bluetooth and built-in sleep melodies gradually diminish and dim over time until automatic shutdown at the selected duration, guiding you into deep sleep with a gradual reduction in music & color modes.
⏰【Aurora Effects & 10 Freely Combined Options with Built-in Music】: Immerse yourself in the intricacy of light effects with 100+ rainbow LEDs. Explore light effects with natural sounds & music. The included synchronization kit expands the range & creative space of the lighting effects●Aegean Sunrise●Bermuda Thunderstorm●Christmas Charcoal Fireplace●Dutch Colorful Windmill●Greenland Aurora●Hawaiian Blue Sky●Meditative Red Breath Glow●Nicaragua Rainbow●Rocky Mountain Snowfall●Stage Neon Spectacle.
⏰【One-touch ON/OFF Night Light, Backlight, Side Glow, Translucent Buttons & Integrated Adapter】: Enhance sleep with discreet backlight & softly reflecting light. Emitting a gentle side glow, eye-friendly for both adults and kids. The large top button is a one-touch night light switch for feeding or comforting. Rotate to adjust brightness with a memory function. The integrated 1.5m thick cable with adapter ensures safety, surpassing a 1m cable with a separate charger, no need for extension cords.

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