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Sunwarrior’s Clear Protein isn’t called clear because of its color, it’s in reference to the texture. For those who don’t necessarily love a creamy or thick shake-like texture, Clear Protein is made from much finer powder resulting in a light, refreshing, drink. The delicious flavors will shade the color as Clear Protein delivers a healthy, thirst-satisfying punch of 10g of protein. Using upcycled barley is a conscious departure from the creamy texture of traditional protein shakes.
Easy to Use: Just add water – seriously, it’s that easy! Our formula was designed for simplicity. Mix, shake, or blend one scoop with 12 ounces of water. Experience a bit of foaming? Don’t worry, it’s normal. Let it dissipate for 1 minute and then enjoy the refreshing, hydrating protein boost.
Upcycled Barley Protein: Harness the untapped potential of nutrient-dense barley with our upcycled protein source. Completely soluble and packed with amino acids, Clear Protein Refresh provides essential nutrients for muscle repair and growth.
Organic Ingredients: We believe in keeping it clean. Our formula features organic flavors, citric acid, beet root powder, steviol glycosides, and monk fruit extract – all sourced from nature for a delicious and guilt-free protein experience.
Versatile and Nutritious: Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply need a refreshing pick-me-up, Clear Protein Refresh is the ideal choice. Enjoy it as a post-workout protein boost or as a hydrating beverage any time of the day.
Simple Yet Powerful: With just protein and refreshing flavor, Clear Protein Refresh is all you need to revitalize your muscles and quench your thirst.

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