• The Yanu tribe targeted Jess, leading to her elimination from Survivor in a 4-1 vote despite her attempts to stay.
  • Nami tribe’s Venus faced isolation while Randen found a Beware Advantage and used it to leverage his alliance with her.
  • Siga tribe members Charlie and Maria are in control, playing both sides strategically as the immunity challenge pushed the tribes to communicate.



Survivor 46 episode 2 was an intense battle between the tribes, creating a power struggle that ultimately ended in one castaway being eliminated from the game. While the premiere of the season introduced the Survivor 46 cast, the second episode delved deeper into their strategies surrounding the game and saw them beginning to create more complicated alliances. After the Yanu tribe lost their first castaway, David Jelinsky, they were prepared to come back stronger than ever during the second immunity challenge. Unfortunately, the Siga tribe and the Nima tribe outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted Yanu right back to another tribal council.

The Yanu tribe’s minimized presence left Jess Chong, Bhanu Gopal, Kenzie Petty, Q Burdette, and Tiffany Ervin at a disadvantage. While Siga’s Ben Katzman, Charlie Davis, Jemila Hussain-Adams, Maria Shrime Gonzalez, Moriah Gaynor, and Tim Spicer were able to escape tribal once again, the immunity challenge saw Nami win for the second week in a row. Tensions were high among Hunter McKnight, Liz Wilcox, Randen Montalvo, Soda Thompson, Tevin Davis, and Venus Vafa despite their win, which made it difficult for them to celebrate their victory. While the other tribes strategized, Yanu had to vote out one of their own.


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Venus Was On The Outs Of The Nami Tribe

survivor 46 venus vafa

Although Venus is one of the strongest overall players on Survivor 46, her tribe appears to be averse to her brand of strategy. Throughout the episode, Venus was shown to be separate from the majority of her tribe, especially Soda Thompson. After snatching the immunity idol away during Survivor 46 episode 1, Soda attempted to do the same during the most recent episode. While Venus was hoping to build alliances within her tribe, it was difficult for her to connect with nearly anyone, aside from one of the other players, which came as a surprise to many after the premiere.

Randen Found A Beware Advantage & Used It As Leverage

During his time searching, Randen shared that he was hoping to strategize with other members of his tribe. He was wary of Venus, who he shared in the premiere he felt was dangerous. Reiterating the point, Randen shared that he was nervous about aligning with Venus, but after finding a Beware Advantage, Randen decided to hide it from everyone but his competition. Randen told Venus about the advantage and used it as leverage to build an alliance, despite saying she’s the biggest liar in Nami. While Randen may be afraid of Venus in the game, he’s keeping his enemy close.

Charlie And Maria Are Running Siga

Although the time spent with the Siga tribe was minimal on Survivor 46 episode 2, there were some moments sharing just how powerful Charlie and Maria have become in their group. Both are playing the middle, Charlie running between the girls and the guys alliances to keep himself safe, and Maria doing the same. While Charlie and Maria have the majority of the power, the alliances in their tribe believe that they’re the ones holding things down. If the tribe faces tribal council, it will be interesting to see which side they choose to remain loyal to during a vote.

The Immunity Challenge Pushed The Tribes To Communicate

Survivor Jeff Probst with season 46 cast behind him
Custom image by César García

The immunity challenge was difficult, asking the tribes to work through a heavy puzzle that had them spell out the word “persistence” with blocks. Though the challenge itself appeared easy, it required a lot of strength. Height was an advantage in the challenge, making it easy for the Nami tribe to get ahead. While all three tribes struggled to get their puzzle together, Nami ultimately won the challenge and were awarded the immunity idol for the second week in a row, while Yanu wound up finishing last and were put on the chopping block as they headed to tribal council.

The Nami Tribe Struggled To Celebrate Their Win

survivor 46 soda thompson

Although the Nami tribe were able to take home the win, they weren’t able to celebrate the way they should’ve. Tensions in the tribe were running high after Soda went to take the immunity idol away from Venus, but Randen told her to hold onto it. While they should’ve been celebrating together, Soda secured her spot with Tevin. Nami was also struggling with Liz’s behavior, as she continually spoke up about her financial success, which rubbed many of her Survivor 46 castmates the wrong way. Though tensions were high, the tribe were happy they weren’t the ones going to tribal.

The Yanu Tribe Plotted Against Jess

The Yanu tribe were unhappy with Jess, as she’d struggled in the first challenge along with the second, causing them to lose. An alliance between Kenzie, Tiffany, Q, and Bhanu had already formed during the prior episode, and the four decided they were going to vote Jess out at tribal council. To dissuade her from using her shot in the dark, Tiffany and Kenzie hid a fake idol for Jess to find, but she was unable to do so. Q gave Jess the idol and told her to vote out Kenzie, which had Bhanu fearful about their alliance breaking down.

Bhanu Had A Breakdown At Tribal Council

Survivor montage of jeff probst with Fiji background two images of Jeff

At tribal council, Bhanu had a breakdown about the four-person alliance he was a part of. Panicked and thinking he was about to go home, he outed their alliance in front of Jess, who was struggling not to laugh. Questioning Kenzie, Tiffany, and Q before the vote, Bhanu made it clear that he was over-emotional and struggling to keep himself together, while Jess was aware she was experiencing her last few moments on Survivor 46. Despite feeling stressed about Bhanu’s emotional outburst, Tiffany and Q both tried to reassure him he’d be safe if he stuck to their pre-determined plan.

Jess Was The Second Castaway Eliminated From Survivor

survivor 46 Jessica jess chong

Although she tried to play the idol, Survivor host Jeff Probst let Jess know it was fake and shared read the votes. Though she was hopeful that she’d be able to play the idol or convince the rest of her tribe to vote Bhanu out after his emotional outburst, Jess wasn’t able to sway the rest of the Yanu tribe to keep her safe. Jess was eliminated by a 4-1 vote, leaving the Yanu tribe down another castaway and struggling to keep themselves afloat in the difficult, strategic game of Survivor. Thankfully, Jess seemed to be happy to be leaving.


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