• Tammy Slaton underwent an inspiring weight-loss journey, losing 420 pounds after a near-death experience led her to change her lifestyle.
  • Since losing a significant amount of weight, Tammy is more confident, using social media to showcase her progress and connect with fans.
  • Tammy has embraced feminine fashion choices post-weight loss, experimenting with new looks, makeup, and hairstyles, and spreading positivity online.

Since her extraordinary weight-loss transformation, 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has worn adorable feminine outfits. Tammy rose to fame on the reality series alongside her sister, Amy Slaton, as they both underwent weight-loss journeys. Before Tammy lost weight, she was very depressed. Her weight prohibited her from doing everyday tasks and led her to start drinking, vaping, and eating to cope. After a near-death experience that landed Tammy in the hospital, she decided it was time to lose weight and change her lifestyle. She went to rehab and got help, losing 420 pounds overall.

She has lost a lot of weight since 1000-lb Sisters first premiered in 2020. Tammy used to weigh 725 pounds and got down to 278 pounds after a few lifestyle changes. Nowadays, Tammy uses social media to show off her weight loss. Alongside her sister Amy, Tammy posts the meals and snacks she eats to maintain her progress. She’s altered her life and uses fashion to showcase different sides of her personality.


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Tammy Slaton’s Bold Flower Power Blouse Looks Amazing

Tammy Slaton Styled The Look With Butterfly Barrettes

As Christina Aguilera would say, “What a girl wants” and “what a girl needs” is floral fashion. In a video on her TikTok, Tammy wore a navy blue shirt adorned with a pattern of white flowers. She even revealed an assortment of butterfly barrettes scattered throughout her hair, which was styled into two braids; Tammy had flower power in the video. She looked visibly confident and excited about showing off her feminine side.

Tammy developed an unhealthy relationship with food throughout her adolescence. She and Amy started eating a lot of junk food because their mother was always away, working long hours. She couldn’t quit the bad habit as she grew into an adult. Tammy went to rehab to better herself after resorting to eating and drinking. Nonetheless, after her first day at the facility, she fell into a coma and was rushed to the hospital. Doctors were unsure if Tammy was going to make it, but thankfully, she did.

From then on, she was serious about her weight loss and eating habits. This shift in her lifestyle allowed her to lose a lot of weight and undergo surgery. After losing over 400 pounds, Tammy is more confident and active on social media. She’s built a strong connection with her fanbase, but she still receives hate; Tammy needs to prioritize the love she receives. “You should be so proud of yourself!!” wrote one fan on her TikTok, while another commented, “Tammy you’re so pretty.”

Tammy Slaton Looked Fierce But Feminine In Hot Pink Lace

Tammy Slaton’s Lacy Look Was A Real Style Departure

1000-Lb Sisters Tammy Slaton before and after montage, with her before weight loss in the front, and her after weight loss in background
Custom image by César García

Tammy looked fierce yet feminine in a hot pink floral lace top on her TikTok. In one video, Tammy replied to a comment where someone wrote, “I notice you only reply to caucasian looking people? Is there a reason why ?” She took time to reply in a video message, confirming this wasn’t the case. Tammy said she enjoys replying to everyone and is “not a hater” and “loves everybody” despite this user’s observation. She wanted to make sure everyone knew she wasn’t discriminating when choosing who to reply to on social media.

“That couldn’t be more farther from the truth, love. I reply to everybody and I comment back to whoever I want to, I’m not a hater. I love everybody, it doesn’t matter race.”

With a following of over 1.4 million on TikTok, Tammy enjoys interacting with her fans on the platform. Her TikTok feed is full of videos of her communicating with her fans and friends. Since starring in 1000-lb Sisters, she has accumulated a massive fanbase. However, Tammy and Amy were active on YouTube before they landed their reality TV show. She’s been in the public for quite some time but has developed a newfound confidence since her weight-loss milestone.

Tammy Slaton’s Sky-Blue Look Flatters Her Fair Skin

Tammy Slaton’s Branching Out With Fashion

Amy and Tammy Slaton from 1000 lb sisters in sporty outfits with pretty multicolored background
Custom Image by Cesar Garcia

Since losing weight, Tammy has used fashion to experiment with new looks. Tammy has worn curve-hugging outfits, transformed her hair into a pixie cut, and started branching out with makeup. In a double-stitched video on TikTok, Tammy replied to a video of three fans dancing with a video she posted of herself. She wore a light blue tie-dye top and lip-synced to a cover of Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” in the car. Tammy panned over to Amy, who threw up a peace sign.

Tammy spreads joy while dancing and singing along with her fans.

In the original video, she wore a blue and floral top while standing up and dancing along to the hit track. Her fans seemed to be having a great time dancing along to the song with her. Tammy liked their stitch enough to respond to it, issuing a personal video of her featuring a cameo from her 1000-lb Sisters co-star, Amy. She appreciates all the love she receives online but still gets negative comments. In response, Tammy prays for her haters and chooses to be positive and spread love.

Tammy Slaton Looks Cute & Cozy In Pale Pink Fleece

Tammy Slaton’s So Pretty In Ballet Pink

1000-Lb Sisters Tammy looking happy with lions and Katy Perry roaring in background
Custom image by César García

Pink is one of the most feminine colors, and this color is flattering on Tammy. In one video, Tammy used an aging time-travel filter that’s supposed to show what users will look like in the future. She smiled and watched as the filter aged her, wearing a cozy, pale pink fleece that complimented her skin tone. As the filter continued to work, Tammy began laughing at the aging visual while seemingly watching TV with Amy beside her off-camera.

Tammy’s Weight Loss Transformation Has Changed Her Life For The Better

She’s Visibly Happier & Healthier After Losing Weight

Since undergoing the weight-loss transformation, Tammy’s life has improved. For years, she was hesitant to commit to losing weight and eating better. It took a near-death experience for Tammy to get serious about weight loss, but she’s overcome every challenge. It’s clear from the content Tammy posts on her social media that she’s happier and healthier nowadays. She spreads this positivity by interacting with fans online. Tammy is a beacon of hope for anyone who struggles with weight loss and doesn’t know where to start.

Tammy looks very different from her first appearance in 1000-lb Sisters. It took a lot of hard work, dedication, and lifestyle changes to turn her life around. However, she put in the work and hit a massive weight loss milestone. It’s inspiring to see Tammy in her most feminine outfits since losing weight and taking back her life.

1000-Lb Sisters

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