• Ballerina boasts big set pieces similar to John Wick for an intense action-packed experience.
  • The spin-off film is not a mere subsidiary but a serious extension of the John Wick franchise.
  • With a talented director, stellar cast, and thrilling footage, Ballerina aims to live up to John Wick’s legacy.



New details and CinemaCon footage for Ana de Armas’ Ballerina suggest that the John Wick movie will not have the pitfalls of most typical spin-off films. Set somewhere between the events of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum and John Wick: Chapter 4, Ballerina will revolve around Rooney, who, like John Wick, will walk down a vengeful path against those who harmed her. Given how all the John Wick movies have been almost unanimously commended by viewers and critics, Ballerina carries the heavy burden of living up to the high standards set by its parent movie series.

While only time will tell whether Ballerina will meet the lofty expectations set by John Wick, it already seems to be on the right path towards becoming a worthy addition to the overarching franchise. The CinemaCon footage for the Ana de Armas John Wick spin-off gives several revelations about the movie’s cameos and action sequences that further raise hope for its success. While these revelations may not guarantee that Ballerina will be as good as its predecessors, they hint that the film is not taking the same route as most spin-offs.


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Ana de Armas’ Ballerina Will Have Big Set Pieces Like John Wick

Ballerina’s is being treated as a serious extension of the parent movie series

Lionsgate motion picture group chair Adam Fogelson confirmed (via EW) that the filmmakers behind Ballerina got “the opportunity to add significant set pieces to the film.” This revelation surrounding the movie’s filming suggests that, unlike most spin-offs, Ballerina is not being treated as a mere subsidiary or by-product of the overarching John Wick franchise. The movie’s producers and creators are taking it seriously and treating it as a standalone action movie series worthy of having its own unique vision, scale, and creative direction.

From snowy landscapes to dark basements, the footage features myriad landscapes to establish that
will be no less thrilling and white-knuckling than its parent movie series.

Ballerina’s compelling CinemaCon footage further reinstates this by featuring several slambang action scenes in which the titular character dukes it out with her enemies on diverse backdrops. From snowy landscapes to dark basements, the footage features myriad landscapes to establish that Ballerina will be no less thrilling and white-knuckling than its parent movie series. Apart from solely giving a glimpse of the film’s high-octane action, the footage also highlights how Ballerina will likely be even more character-focused than John Wick, making it just as big (if not bigger) as the John Wick movies.

Ballerina Can’t Risk Being A Less Exciting John Wick Movie

Ballerina is expected to be as big of an IP as John Wick

Despite being a prequel and spin-off to the John Wick movies, The Continental could not live up to the high standards set by its parent franchise. While the series did have some merits, it failed to be a memorable extension of the overarching franchise because of its underwhelming fight scenes, relatively low production value, and formulaic story elements. After The Continental‘s failure to leave its mark, Ballerina must prove that the John Wick movies can still work without John Wick being the lead character.

cannot merely succeed by capitalizing on John Wick’s appearance in its story

Ballerina‘s CinemaCon footage confirms that Keanu Reeves’ John Wick will team up with Ana de Armas’ Rooney in the spin-off film. However, as the film’s storyline suggests, the focus will primarily be on Rooney, and John Wick will likely be more of a supporting character. Owing to this, Ballerina cannot merely succeed by capitalizing on John Wick’s appearance in its story. To elevate itself above The Continental and be as enthralling as the original John Wick films, it must recreate its parent movie series’ gripping action choreography while forging its own path with its unique character beats.


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Following the outstanding success of the first four John Wick films, the ever-popular action franchise is getting a spinoff in the form of Ballerina.

Why There’s Hope Ballerina Won’t Be Like Most Underwhelming Spinoffs

Ballerina has a talented director at its helm

Unity Phelan dances on stage as The Ballerina in John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum.

Although Chad Stahelski is not involved with Ballerina as its director, he is still producing the spin-off film, confirming that it is in good hands. Ballerina is directed by Len Wiseman, known for helming several renowned action flicks like Live Free or Die Hard, Total Recall, and the Underworld film series. With his long history of work in the action genre, Wiseman will likely be able to bring a dynamic perspective to the John Wick franchise with Ballerina while honoring all the elements that made the original films so successful.

is scheduled to premiere in theaters on June 6, 2025.

Ballerina’s CinemaCon footage also reveals that, other than Keanu Reeves and Ana de Armas, the spin-off film will also include other talented stars such as Ian McShane, the late Lance Reddick, Anjelica Huston, and Gabriel Byrne. This ensemble cast further solidifies Ballerina‘s potential as a worthy addition to the John Wick franchise. With a stellar cast, combined with Len Wiseman’s directorial forte and Chad Stahlenski’s oversight, Ballerina seems to have all the ingredients to further cement the John Wick franchise’s legacy as one of the best action franchises.

Ballerina Temp Movie Poster


Ballerina is a spinoff movie set in the universe of John Wick. Ana de Armas will play the titular role, a character who appeared in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum as a child ballerina who was being trained to become an assassin eventually. In Ballerina, the story follows de Armas’ character, who wants revenge on those who murdered her family. 

Len Wiseman

Release Date
June 6, 2025

Summit Entertainment , Thunder Road Films , 87Eleven Productions


Shay Hatten , Emerald Fennell

Ana De Armas , Anjelica Huston , Gabriel Byrne , Lance Reddick , Catalina Sandino Moreno , Norman Reedus , Ian McShane , Keanu Reeves

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