• Season 6 of The Circle on Netflix introduces new players, creating suspense over who will be blocked first.
  • Myles faces pressure as he decides who to block for the first time in the show’s history.
  • Viewers are left guessing between Steffi, Paul, and Kyle on who will be sent home in the episode.



Netflix’s hit series The Circle is back, forcing the viewers to get concerned about which players have the power and who got blocked first. After almost a year and a half since the last season, The Circle season 6 dropped on Netflix on April 18, coming in hot with several twists and turns, keeping the viewers hooked. Introducing eight human participants and one AI, The Circle season 6 dropped its first four episodes, where the players are not only trying to find out who the catfish is but also who is the robot.

The players include Max (the AI robot), Kyle Fuller, Cassie Saylor, Brandon Baker (who plays his friend Olivia), Quori-Tyler, Lauren LaChant, Caress Russell, who goes in as her young brother Paul (the “Lil Boo Thang” singer), Myles Reed, and Steffi Hill. However, even though the latest season presented drama within the first few episodes, it lacked the one thing viewers are used to: the blocking. For the first time in The Circle‘s history, no participants went home during the first four episodes, leaving many in suspense, wondering who Myles would have (or should have) blocked.


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Myles Chooses Who To Block

Episode 4 ends with Myles going to tell The Circle season 6 contestant, who he blocked, they’re going home, but viewers still have no clue about who it could be. Myles was under pressure to pick the first person to get blocked after getting all the power in this first elimination. By episode 4, the contestants voted Myle the “most human,” allowing him to decide who gets blocked first.

Many emotions arrive when a player goes home after losing a competition, especially the first one. Some viewers will cry when their favorite players go home, whereas others are happy when those they’re rooting for get spared. The Circle season 6, episode 4, ended with an exciting cliffhanger as viewers get to look forward to finding out who is leaving.

Did Paul Or Steffi Get Blocked?

RETITLED_ The Circle Season 6_ Latest News, Release Date, Cast, Trailer, & Everything We Know

Myles not only needs to choose who gets blocked but also determines who the AI is. In episode 4, it all came down to Steffi or Paul, although he still has doubts about Kyle. Steffi is the only player on Myles’s list who seems genuine, but her constant talking about astrology has cast some doubt regarding her authenticity. Paul is a catfish, as Caress is pretending to be her younger brother Paul. On the other hand, Kyle isn’t being completely honest about who he is. He went into The Circle as a single guy, but in reality, he’s married.

The First Person To Be Blocked On The Circle Season 6

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The teaser at the end of The Circle season 6, episode 4, shows Myles commenting, “top suspects are Paul and Kyle.” With Kyle being a friend to Myles, Myles will probably block Paul. Max outsmarted his fellow human contestants and remained undetected during the first four episodes.

The only contestants who suspect Max could be AI is Brandon, who is pretending to be his friend Olivia. However, there is also a chance that Myles could have blocked Max since they hadn’t bonded much or formed an alliance. Myles, an AI engineer, could have discovered Max is an AI and had him blocked. The Circle season 6 trailer, where contestants are told there is still AI, could be a tactic to throw off viewers and keep them on their toes.

The Circle

season 6 episodes 1-4 are available for streaming on Netflix. New episodes are available every Wednesday.

The Circle

The Circle is a reality competition show initially conceived as a British series until this American adaptation launched on Netflix in 2020. In The Circle, players live in temporary apartments separate from one another. They must communicate through a custom-made social media platform for the game show to win $100,000. Players can lie and present themselves however they wish, allowing them to cheat the rankings to be rated higher by other contestants. If a contestant is “blocked,” they are removed from the game. Once eliminated, the true identity of a player will be revealed to the remaining contestants.

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January 1, 2020

The Circle

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