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Warning! This article contains SPOILERS for The Girls on the Bus episode 7.


  • Sadie faces personal struggles with pregnancy and abortion pills, impacting her work on Walker’s campaign bus.
  • Eric’s infidelity strains his marriage to Kimberlyn, leading to a break as Kimberlyn focuses on her career.
  • Lola confronts her family over unauthorized interviews, while Grace helps her navigate personal trauma.

The Girls on the Bus episode 7 saw the journalists and candidates make yet another stop on the campaign trail, with the characters’ personal drama at the story’s forefront. After being stranded in the middle of nowhere in The Girls on the Bus episode 6, the show returned to its more typical format in episode 7. However, most of the focus wasn’t on the race itself, with each of The Girls on the Bus characters facing their own challenges in their personal lives, picking up where the previous episode left off.

Even with all the behind-the-scenes drama in The Girls on the Bus, episode 7 managed to shine a light on investigative journalism as well. The Girls on the Bus was inspired by The Boys on the Bus and is based on the 2018 memoir Chasing Hillary by the show’s co-creator Amy Chozick. Thus, journalism and the work the journalists do during the presidential election cycle is at the show’s core. The Girls on the Bus finds a nice balance between political and private drama in the series, with episode 7 being another great example of this.

8 Sadie Wanted To Get An Abortion

Sadie Ordered Pills For A Medical Abortion

At the end of The Girls on the Bus episode 6, after several tense and emotional scenes between Sadie and Loafers, Sadie made the shocking discovery that her period was late. The Girls on the Bus episode 7 confirmed that Sadie was indeed pregnant when she consulted her doctor about getting an abortion. All the traveling Sadie has to do on Walker’s bus made it difficult for Sadie to find a proper time for a procedure and the aftercare it requires.

Due to this, Sadie’s doctor prescribed her pills for a medical abortion to be sent to her hotel in California, the next stop on their trail. While Sadie was sure of her decision, the timing made things difficult for her. Sadie was also busy with her and Grace’s research into Walker’s donors and all the events she needed to attend. When Grace called Sadie out for not doing enough of her work, Sadie told her friend about the pregnancy and impending abortion. Grace was supportive of her fellow journalist, offering her support, although Sadie insisted she was fine.

7 Eric Cheated On Kimberlyn

Kimberlyn Tried Hooking Up With A Secret Service Member

In The Girls on the Bus episode 5, Eric and Kimberlyn got married at her father’s home while the journalists were in South Carolina for the primary. The wedding was initially intended to be an engagement party, but Eric surprised her with the ceremony, knowing Kimberlyn had been stressed about planning a wedding while on the road. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t start exactly how they would have liked it, as Eric’s mother criticized Kimberlyn for always putting her work first and Eric failed to properly stand up for his new wife.

Though Lola reminded Eric that he knew what he was getting into when he married Kimberlyn and the couple made up, the problem didn’t go away in The Girls on the Bus. Frustrated with how little they’d seen each other, Eric scheduled a couples’ therapy appointment for them, catching Kimberlyn off guard. She was even more shocked when he revealed that he’d drunkenly kissed his ex-girlfriend at the bar after Kimberlyn didn’t answer one of his calls.

Eric claimed he set up the counseling session because he knew Kimberlyn would just hang up on him if he tried to tell her over the phone. Unfortunately for Eric, she did just that, ending their video call with the therapist before Eric could properly explain himself. Feeling betrayed, Kimberlyn tried to get back at Eric by hooking up with a Secret Service member, but ultimately couldn’t go through with it, knowing two wrongs wouldn’t make a right.

6 Lola Was Part Of An Article About Her School’s Shooting

Lola’s Family Did An Interview Without Her Permission

The Girls on the Bus episode 7 also dug a bit deeper into Lola’s personal life, including her relationship with her family. In The Girls on the Bus episode 4, Lola talked to Kimberlyn about being a victim of a school shooting while in high school. Following the tragedy that took the lives of her friends and classmates, Lola became the face of the gun control movement and became famous for the most unfortunate reason. Lola then used the platform she’d been given as a force for good, or at least is trying to do that.

Still, Lola wants to put the past behind her, which is why she turned down an interview request for a story about where the survivors like her are today. Unfortunately, her family didn’t seem to get the memo and spoke to the publication themselves, putting her name in the headlines again. While in California, Lola confronted her family about what they’d done, reminding them that it wasn’t their place to tell her story. As she put it, she didn’t want to be a “poster child for death anymore.

In the aftermath of the article, Lola attended an event led by her favorite candidate, nicknamed “The Freshman.” However, when the candidate started to change her stance on police brutality and the movement to abolish the police, Lola wasn’t afraid to call her out. The moment quickly grew heated and Lola had to be removed by security guards.

5 Sadie & Grace Made A Big Discovery About One Of Walker’s Donors

Sadie & Grace Fought About Publishing The Article

In the previous episode of The Girls on the Bus, Grace and Sadie started digging into one of Walker’s donors, billionaire Blaine Novak. They discovered a connection between him and Missy Monroe, a videographer Walker had recently fired, through his non-profit, where Walker was on the board of directors. In an interview with Missy, Sadie learned that Novak was using his non-profit to give young women scholarships and then pressuring them into performing kinky sexual favors for him. This was a big discovery for Grace and Sadie, but they had to make sure it was connected to Walker.

While Grace was ready to publish the story, Sadie was more hesitant. Already on thin ice with Bruce, Sadie was worried the story wouldn’t be tied to Walker. Grace accused Sadie of playing it too safe, and Sadie accused Grace of just wanting to ruin the chances for a female candidate, something she’d done in the past. Eventually, they agreed to get more sources and wait to run the story, and their patience paid off. Though the effects of the story haven’t been explored yet, they will surely be of focus in The Girls on the Bus episode 8.


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4 Lola Confided In Grace

Grace Helped Lola In Her Time Of Need

After Lola’s confrontations with her family and “The Freshman” candidate, Lola’s sister showed up at her hotel. She apologized for participating in the article and told Lola she was worried about her, noticing that she looked lost. Her sister also revealed that Lola had asked their dad for money, hinting at the fact that Lola might be struggling financially after being dropped from her management. When her sister left, Lola called her dealer and asked for unknown drugs that led to a bad high.

Fortunately, Grace found Lola in the hallway in The Girls on the Bus episode 7 and took care of her. When Lola sobered up, she confided in Grace, telling her the truth about what happened the night of the school shooting. Lola had been exiting the bathroom when she saw the shooter heading into the school’s theater, and instead of saying something, she went into the bathroom and hid.

Though it was an understandable reaction, Lola has dealt with the guilt of her actions ever since. When people began interviewing her after the shooting, everyone just assumed she was in the theater, and she let them believe that. Through her talk with Grace, Lola admitted that her sister was right, and she felt like a “total fraud.” Grace told Lola that she was one of the “most authentic” people she’d ever met and that her calling out “The Freshman” candidate was “the very definition of journalism,” encouraging her to keep doing what she’s doing.

3 Kimberlyn Decided To Take A Break From Eric

Kimberlyn Needed To Focus On Work

With her personal life crumbling, Kimberlyn was offered an important position at Liberty Direct News. Rather than reporting from California, they wanted her in New York to be a “Liberty Bell,” or member of their desk. What should have been an exciting moment for Kimberlyn in The Girls on the Bus was filled with mixed emotions, as her work was at the root of her relationship issues with Eric.

While in New York, Kimberlyn met up with Eric and spoke with him for the first time since she learned of his infidelity. Kimberlyn told Eric she knew he was sorry and that she loved him, but she needed a break to focus on her work. When Eric asked her how long the break would be, she was honest with him by saying she didn’t know. What the future holds for Eric and Kimberlyn remains to be seen, but their break could help Kimberlyn make important steps in her career as she figures out what she truly wants.

2 Bruce & Sadie Made Up

Bruce Was Proud Of Sadie

Since Sadie told Bruce the truth about her relationship with Loafers at the end of The Girls on the Bus episode, things have been tense between the editor and reporter. Though Sadie was able to keep her job with The Sentinel, Bruce had voted against her during her disciplinary hearing, thinking she didn’t deserve another second chance. This was a hard pill to swallow for Sadie, who looked up to Bruce as a mentor and perhaps even saw him as a father figure.

Bruce was disappointed with Sadie, but he continued to work with her as her main editor at The Sentinel. He pushed Sadie to find out more about Walker’s connections to Novak and his misdeeds, initially having a hard time seeing how it was a political story. When Sadie did just that and turned in her finished product to Bruce, he expressed pride in her and her work. Their relationship may never be like it was before, but The Girls on the Bus episode 7 was a step in the right direction for them.

1 Sadie Told Loafers She Was Pregnant

Sadie’s Abortion Pills Didn’t Arrive On Time

Due to her research into Walker and Novak as well as her doctor’s appointment, Sadie had missed a few of her press obligations as a member of Walker’s bus. While Grace tried to cover for her, Loafers was disappointed in Sadie’s behavior. When it was time for the bus to leave California, Sadie was at the hotel desk trying to see if her abortion pills had arrived. Loafers then confronted her in the lobby for being selfish and lying to him.

When the concierge revealed that the pills hadn’t arrived and Loafers told her that the bus was leaving with or without her, Sadie finally told him she was pregnant. At the start of The Girls on the Bus episode 7, Sadie’s doctors told her that since she was 10 weeks pregnant, she still qualified for a medical abortion. However, with the pills set to arrive after she’s already left California, Sadie could miss her window for a medical abortion in The Girls on the Bus, further complicating things.

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