Miramax has announced a new Halloween television series that will be based on the original film after a bumpy few years for the horror franchise.


  • Miramax is set to produce a Halloween TV series, promising new opportunities to explore the franchise beyond disappointing recent films.
  • Despite lackluster reviews for the latest sequel, Miramax is prioritizing the Halloween series, aiming to captivate fans with quality content.
  • With plans to return to the roots of the original classic, Miramax is fast-tracking a new Halloween series, banking on the timeless terror of Michael Myers.



Recent developments regarding a new Halloween television series offer promising news about the new installment’s timeline. The longstanding horror franchise has 13 feature films under its umbrella but has not yet made the push into television. That is about to change based on the October 2023 announcement that a Halloween television series will be produced by Miramax Television and could be heading towards production sooner rather than later.

The Halloween franchise has had a rocky road after the recent disappointments of Halloween Ends (2022) and Halloween Kills (2021) by director David Gordon Green, who had initially inspired great hope for the modern franchise with 2018’s impressive Halloween. While there has yet to be an announcement regarding a creative team or writer/director behind the new Halloween series, it is expected to narratively go back to square one and retell the story of the original horror classic.

Miramax Isn’t Wasting Time With The Halloween TV Show After Halloween Ends

Despite the underwhelming reviews of the latest Halloween installment, Halloween Ends, which received a score of just 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, Miramax is eager to get a Halloween television series off the ground. This is exciting for fans who were disappointed by the most recent films and are still craving some quality Halloween content. The character of Michael Myers is timelessly horrifying and iconic, indicating that a television series done right could be a winning formula for Miramax.

Marc Hedwig, the Head of Worldwide Television at Miramax, had this to say about the Halloween series: “We’re on a fast track, it’s a big priority for us. We’ve had lots of exciting conversations in recent months with a number of really talented people, and I think we’ll have a pretty good idea of what we’re going to be doing very soon. We’re hoping to lock down the creative team very soon.” (via Deadline). Hedwig seems fully aware of just how valuable a well-crafted Halloween series can be.



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Why Fast-Tracking A Halloween Show Could Help The Franchise

Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) standing menacingly in Halloween Ends

The Halloween franchise has a natural appeal that has spanned more than 45 years, particularly due to the terrifying and mysterious Michael Myers villain. The Halloween movies have long been attached to the American holiday, making it a reliable intellectual property that is fairly risk-free. Miramax could alleviate fan discontentment with the David Gordon Green franchise by making an exceptional series that does the Halloween name justice. Hedwig added that “the foundation of it is the original film, the John Carpenter movie“, which will draw organic anticipation for the series.

Halloween Franchise Poster

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