• Rick and Michonne’s new spinoff mirrors The Walking Dead’s controversial season 7 story, focusing on a tough battle with the CRM.
  • The Ones Who Live avoids the pacing issues of TWD season 7, providing a refreshing take with mysteries and exciting twists.
  • The show needs a different ending from the Savior War storyline to stand out, hinting at a darker and bloodier conclusion for Rick and Michonne.



Warning: This article contains spoilers for episodes 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.

The Ones Who Live has provided Rick and Michonne an exciting return to the franchise, but their new spinoff is also repeating The Walking Dead‘s controversial season 7 story. After finally learning what happened to Rick after his Walking Dead disappearance, The Ones Who Live has given the protagonist a compelling arc with plenty of memorable moments so far. Reuniting with Michonne and facing off with the CRM is easily one of the most exciting stories The Walking Dead has provided in years. Despite this, there is a familiar feel about Rick battling a seemingly unbeatable foe.

Season 7 contained one of the franchise’s most controversial stories, proving to be the stopping point for many viewers. This was largely because of season 6’s cliffhanger and two fan-favorite characters being killed off straight away. However, some of the pacing and start-stop storytelling hurt season 7, which Rick and Michonne’s spinoff hasn’t suffered from. With The Ones Who Live teasing cameos and taking place after the main show, it provides a lot of mysteries and uncertainties, making the latest spinoff refreshing. However, it does still possess plenty of parallels to the franchise’s most polarizing story.

The Ones Who Live Is Repeating The Walking Dead’s Savior War Storyline

Rick Grimes and Negan in each other's faces as Carl watches in The Walking Dead

Rick’s struggle against the CRM is repeating The Walking Dead‘s Savior War storyline. While season 8 of The Walking Dead focuses on the battle between Rick’s communities against the Saviors, season 7 puts the spotlight on the build-up towards this fight, and the mental warfare that comes with it. Before his redemption arc, Negan was one of The Walking Dead‘s biggest villains and remains the toughest threat the survivors have faced on the show. The Saviors were much larger than Rick’s communities combined, which allowed them to essentially take over Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom.

After being mentally broken, Rick submits to the Saviors’ authority and The Ones Who Live replicates this, with Rick eventually giving up hope of escaping and offering his services to the CRM. In both stories, Rick caves to the villains’ demands after losing all belief. In his war with the Saviors, he eventually realizes he can fight back and joins with the Hilltop and the Kingdom to battle Negan. This will likely be explored in The Ones Who Live, with Rick potentially revolutionizing the Civic Republic and getting Portland on board to fight the CRM, highlighting the comparison between both stories.


The Ones Who Live’s Rick Grimes Story Is A Direct Copy Of The Walking Dead Season 1

Rick Grimes has been through many character arcs, but his storyline in The Ones Who Lives is a direct copy of The Walking Dead season 1.

The Ones Who Live Needs A Different Ending To The Walking Dead’s Savior Story

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes looking scared in The Walking Dead next to Terry O'Quinn as Major General Beale looking menacing in The Ones Who Live
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Although the Savior storyline had a satisfying ending, The Ones Who Live must come up with a different conclusion. After finally beating the Saviors, Rick imprisons Negan, putting a concrete end to the bloodshed. He also welcomed the Saviors into his community, giving them a chance to reform. For The Ones Who Live to feel truly different, the spinoff has to go in a different direction, perhaps exploring a darker and more definitive ending. Rather than overthrowing and reforming the CRM, Rick and Michonne completely destroying the military would prove how much of a threat they were.

With Major General Beale taking many lives, killing him may be the only way to ensure his philosophies don’t live on. Beale has a heavy influence over the military and has had them use chemical weapons, meaning tearing down the entire system could be the only way to truly change it. Rick could still lead the Civic Republic and be the hero of this war but making it bigger and bloodier than the Savior battle would separate the stories. Therefore, The Ones Who Live must end differently from the Saviors War and have more lasting consequences after the final battle.

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