• The Masked Singer season 11’s Starfish is most likely The Office star Kate Flannery.
  • There were many references to The Office in Starfish’s clue package.
  • The Masked Singer panelists haven’t guessed Starfish’s identity correctly yet.



The Masked Singer season 11’s Starfish has been a mystery since her debut on premiere night, but her Transformers Night clues have all but confirmed who she really is. During her debut, Starfish sang “Material Girl” by Madonna. Because of her funny demeanor and some of her clues, The Masked Singer panelists guessed some legendary comedic actresses for her identity. They included Catherine O’Hara (Rita Ora), Cheri Oteri (Robin Thicke), and Molly Shannon (Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg).

During The Masked Singer season 11 Transformers Night, Starfish sang “21 Guns” by Green Day. The panelists continued to guess iconic comedic actresses, including Amy Poehler (Jenny), Tina Fey (Robin), and Maya Rudolph (Rita). However, none of these guesses seems to be correct when all of the clues are put together. As Starfish advances to the Group A finals with Goldfish and Ugly Sweater, it appears that her true identity has yet to be discovered by the panelists.


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The Masked Singer Season 11’s Starfish Is Most Likely Kate Flannery

The Office's Kate Flannery Head Shot Smiling

Although The Masked Singer panelists have made some good guesses for Starfish’s identity, the clues seem to indicate that she’s actually The Office star Kate Flannery. She played Meredith Palmer on the hit comedy series from 2005-2013. She’s also a singer who’s had a singing career.

The Office Clue That Confirmed Starfish’s Identity As Kate Flannery

While there were some references to The Office on premiere night, there was one reference to the show on Transformers Night that confirmed that Starfish is most likely Kate. After Starfish’s performance, Transformers’ Optimus Prime came out to share another clue about her identity. He said, A true teammate, Starfish has earned awards as part of a talented group.In 2007 and 2008, Kate won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series alongside her Office co-stars, which solidified the theory about Starfish’s identity.

There were other clues about The Office during premiere night, which tied together with the Masked Singer Transformers Night clue. In Starfish’s clue package, there was a cup filled with markers and scissors, which are office supplies. This was another reference to the show. In addition, Starfish’s bonus clue was a clock that said 9 o’clock with the words, “50 Billion,” printed on it. Starfish explained, “I’ve been streamed over 50 billion minutes! And that was just in one year!” This referred to the success of The Office on streaming services. Also, The Office usually aired at 9 p.m. on NBC, which explains the time on the clock.


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Other Starfish Clues That Prove She’s Kate Flannery

On The Masked Singer season 11 premiere night, Starfish mentioned that she was a waitress who served celebrities such as Steve Martin and Whitney Houston. Kate worked as a waitress, and even kept that job as she appeared on season 1 of The Office. In addition, the four-leaf clover clue on that episode referred to Kate’s Irish background.

Starfish also referred to joining a band and touring the nation. In the late 1990s, Kate was a member of the band, Mono Puff, and performed under the stage name “Lady Puff.” She toured the nation with them.

The Masked Singer season 11’s Starfish is so fun and energetic, which matches Kate’s personality. She really lights up the stage. Starfish has now moved on to the Group A finals with Goldfish and Ugly Sweater. If Starfish really does turn out to be Kate, her unmasking will be one of the most exciting in Masked Singer history.

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