• Love Is Blind season 5 disappointed fans with only one couple walking down the aisle out of three engagements.
  • Matthew Duliba emerged as the villain of season 6 for lying to multiple women about his feelings.
  • Trevor Sova was exposed for having a girlfriend during filming, betraying the trust of viewers and his castmates.



Some contestants of Love Is Blind season 6 have disappointed the viewers with their actions on and off-screen. The popular Netflix show started in 2020 and quickly became one of the most entertaining shows due to its unique concept. Fans were intrigued by the pot dating segment, which is why the streaming platform kept renewing it. However, Love Is Blind season 5 let down many viewers. Fans lost hope in the show when three engagements happened during the season, but only two couples agreed to get married. Ultimately, only one couple actually walked down the aisle.

Still, fans were eager to meet the new face of Love Is Blind season 6 who seemed to have joined the show with good intentions. The season teased deep conversations between some promising couples and a lot of drama and suspense. However, things took a dramatic turn when Matthew Duliba emerged as the season’s first villain after featuring in only two episodes. He formed strong connections with two women, Amber Grant and Amber Desiree “AD” Smith, but said the same things to both of them. Matthew walked out of the show to pursue Amber, who had previously quit the show.


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Love Is Blind Season 6 Drama So Far

Montage of Love Is Blind's Jessica Vestal and Chelsea Blackwell, with pink background
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After Matthew’s departure from the show, AD started showing interest in Clay Gravesande. However, Clay focused more on AD’s physical appearance than building an emotional connection with her. Although AD and Clay got engaged on the show, it’s highly unlikely they would walk down the aisle together, given their different work schedules. While AD and Clay are still very attracted to each other, another couple, Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell, don’t seem to get along. Jimmy left Jessica Vestal, a single mom, to be with Chelsea, who had broken up with Trevor Sova.

Jeramey Lutinski Was Engaged When Applying For Love Is Blind

Montage of Love Is Blind Season 6's Jeramey Lutinski
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Jeramey Lutinski proposed to Laura Dadisman after breaking up with Sarah Ann. However, he couldn’t stop thinking about Sarah Ann and was caught lying to Laura about spending all night with her. Jeramey was also accused of being engaged to another woman, Brittani Mcliverty, just weeks before he started filming Love Is Blind season 6. He didn’t disclose his previous engagement on the show. As per Distractify, Jeramey’s ex-fiancée claimed that they sold their shared home in late 2022, and he started filming in February and March 2023. However, Jeramey claims that his previous engagement wasn’t a surprise to anyone.

Trevor Sova Had A Girlfriend During Filming

Love Is Blind's Trevor and Chelsea hugging with montage of upset cast in the pods
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Trevor Sova did seem like a genuine guy when he debuted on Love Is Blind season 6. However, it didn’t take long for fans to see his true nature and realize he was the worst. In late February 2024, Cafe Mom reported that Trevor wasn’t the nice guy he pretended to be. Instead, the Love Is Blind star was a liar and a deceiver for joining the show despite having a full-fledged relationship with another woman. Numerous screenshots of Trevor’s conversation with his alleged girlfriend surfaced online, exposing him on social media.

The screenshots of Trevor’s conversations also revealed some other interesting details. One of the conversations showed him admitting that he loved his girlfriend and couldn’t wait to get back to her after the show to start a life with her.

The text read,
“I love you so much, honey. I’m excited for it.”

The leaked screenshots make it seem like Trevor planned to utilize the show for personal benefit. As expected, viewers were enraged by the cast member’s facade and roasted him online.

A social media user said (via


“Trevor having a girlfriend was NOT on my bingo card!”

Kenneth Gorham Gaslit & Manipulated Brittany Mills During Breakup

Love Is Blind Season 6 Brittany & Kenneth in the foreground, with photos of them on the left and right laughing and frowning
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Kenneth Gorham is another Love Is Blind cast member who quickly proved he was the worst. The 26-year-old middle school principal seems like a level-headed guy from his looks and his career history. However, he was the opposite and showed it by manipulating Brittany Mills during their breakup. He gaslighted her by making it seem like he had no hand in making her fall out of love. He acted cold by casually using his phone while Brittany burst into tears. Love Is Blind fans despise Kenneth for behaving disrespectfully and purposely hurting the woman he once called his love.

Love Is Blind

season 6’s reunion special airs Wednesday, March 13 at 9 p.m. EST on Netflix.

Source: Distractify, Cafe Mom, Giletslays

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Love Is Blind

Fifteen men and women from the same city come together to compete in Love is Blind, a reality dating show created for Netflix. The show sees couples meet and fall in love with a twist – they’ll only meet face to face if one of the two accepts a marriage proposal. If they accept, they’ll move in with their partner, meet their families, and ultimately decide if they want to say “I do.”

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