Monday, June 24, 2024

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Km malta airlines

KM Malta Airlines is set to make waves at the Malta Trade Fair 2024 with an array of exclusive offers and discounts designed to entice travelers.

From June 28 to July 7, visitors to the fair can visit the KM Malta Airlines stand to unlock a special 10% discount on all flights and explore daily special deals tailored to various travel needs and preferences.

Daily Special Offers at the Fair

July and August Last-Minute Specials: Perfect for those seeking spontaneous summer adventures. Whether it’s a quick escape to a Mediterranean beach or an impromptu city break, these deals cater to last-minute planners looking to seize the summer.

Extended Travel Discounts: Plan your travels up to March 28, 2025, and benefit from significant savings. This offer is ideal for those who like to plan their trips in advance and secure the best rates for journeys extending into the next year.

Business Class Promotions: Experience luxury and comfort with exceptional value through KM Malta Airlines’ exclusive business class deals. This promotion is perfect for travelers wanting to elevate their flying experience at a reduced cost.

Special Italy Offers: Take advantage of unique discounts on flights to various Italian destinations. Whether it’s the romantic allure of Rome or the cultural charm of Venice, these offers make exploring Italy more affordable.

Savings on Additional Services: Enhance your travel experience with discounts on extra baggage and seat selection. These deals provide added convenience and comfort, ensuring your journey with KM Malta Airlines is as smooth as possible.

“Time to Think” Deal

In a move to prioritize customer flexibility, KM Malta Airlines is introducing the “Time to Think” deal at the fair.

This initiative allows visitors to hold their flight booking for up to 48 hours, giving them the time they need to finalize their travel plans without the rush of immediate booking.

To benefit from this offer, visitors simply need to visit the KM Malta Airlines stand, select their flight, and receive a booking reference number.

They then have 48 hours to confirm their booking by contacting the Customer Support Centre or visiting the sales office at Malta International Airport.

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