Streams for Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 classic jumped from about 307,000 to about 1.8 million from Sunday to Monday alone

Monday’s solar eclipse caused a major flare-up on streams for Bonnie Tyler‘s “Total Eclipse of The Heart,” with streams on the song jumping about 486 percent from Sunday versus Monday, according to data from Luminate.

In the 10 days prior to the solar eclipse, the song was averaging about 233,000 streams per day, and on Sunday, it had about 307,000 streams. On Monday alone, “Total Eclipse of the Heart” saw about 1.8 million streams, per Luminate.

Outside of streams, sales jumped too, with the song topping the iTunes chart on Monday as well, per Forbes. Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon covered the song on the NBC rooftop on Monday alongside Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson.


Monday’s eclipse was a rare, momentous occasion that brought thousands outside, some venturing around the country to witness the event. It’ll be another 20 years before most of the United States can witness the next eclipse, though for those willing to travel to Greenland, there will be another eclipse in 2026.

While many on Monday merely enjoyed the opportunity to witness the rare cosmic phenomenon, right-wing conspiracy theorists made ludicrous claims online that the Biden administration was using the eclipse as a chance to shut down cell phone service, while other religious zealots said the occurrence marked a time to repent and follow Donald Trump.

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