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Formulated for buttercream icing, Natural Gel Paste Powder Color can also be used in dough or any to-be-colored product without breaking down; TruColor Natural Gel Paste Powder is more stable to ultraviolet light than synthetic food colors; unlike any other color gel, TruColor Gel Paste is not made from synthetic cellulose gum or modified food starch, yet has all the functions of a premium gel paste
TruColor Gel Paste Powder is a unique combination of all-natural plant sources that helps encapsulate or enrobe the natural color when used in a standard buttercream icing and helps prevent bleeding from condensation when thawing if frozen; you can pipe rich dark lines of color across a bed of white icing without the color bleeding into the white icing field; the gel paste powder when hydrated functions as a barrier, limiting the taste that may be associated with the natural color plant source
TruColor Natural Gel Paste Powder is easy to use: simply add water to hydrate and decorate, the starting point ratio for Gel Paste Powder being 1:1 (one part water to one part powder); use less water to make the color thicker or add more water to make the color thinner; TruColor Natural Gel Paste Powder is state-of-the-art natural approved food color sold in dry powder form and unlike any other natural color you’ve ever used; available in an unprecedented rainbow of natural-color hues and shades
Black Gel Paste Powder ingredients: caramel color, crystal purple grape, baking soda, vegetable gum
TruColor, the cutting edge of natural-food-color development, provides state-of-the-art natural food colors, bringing to bear the wholesome beautiful and brilliant colors found in nature; TruColor is continuously working to bring never-before-seen natural colors to everyone to make them stronger and better than any other natural color product ever created; TruColor is less expensive and more potent than other-brand natural color, which simply cannot match the stability, hue, shade and brilliance

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