Thinx has launched styles featuring its new LeakSafe Barrier technology. Available across all products – Thinx, Thinx Teens, and Thinx for All – the innovation offers all-day absorbency and is designed to prevent leaks (and worries) for up to 12 hours. The patent-pending 4-layer gusset provides wearers with outstanding comfort and protection. Plus, odour technology and breathable body fabrics help you feel fresh and dry throughout the day.

The new Thinx styles are intentionally designed to provide up to 12-hour leakproof protection. Product testing found these latest styles can absorb up to 12 regular tampons or 3 menstrual cups worth of flow. This means you can feel confident in your Thinx underwear even on your heaviest days and can decrease the need for disposable products and the fear of a mid-day underwear change.

Thinx has launched LeakSafe Barrier technology across its product range, providing up to 12-hour leakproof protection.
With a patent-pending 4-layer gusset, the innovation absorbs heavy flows equivalent to 12 tampons or 3 menstrual cups.
Designed for comfort and functionality, it reduces the need for disposable products and mid-day changes.

“Testing found that our new LeakSafe Barrier technology can stand up to heavy flows and is absorbent enough for the majority of users,” said Courtney Newman, senior director of product design at Thinx. “By blending aesthetics with function, we were able to maximize the gusset’s surface area while creating a secure barrier that controls the movement of fluid, resulting in an exceptional product that allows customers to get it all – comfort, style and protection.”

The latest technology and design from Thinx will be available across the brand’s range of period products. This innovation underscores the brand’s mission to improve standards in period care, helping ensure those who menstruate can feel dry, comfortable, and relaxed all day long, the company said in a press release.

“During the development process, we challenged ourselves to explore various materials, designs, and manufacturing techniques to create the best experience for customers,” said Sara Plotkin, VP of Brand & Creative at Thinx. “It is designed specifically with customers’ needs in mind, knowing they want protection that helps them feel confident throughout their entire day.”

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