• Group meditation in Tahoe led to a tense moment between Scheana and Tom, highlighting leftover tensions.
  • Scheana struggled to navigate her feelings about Tom, feeling stuck between supporting Ariana and forgiving him.
  • Tom and Lala had a heated argument on a yacht outing, showcasing unresolved issues between them despite attempts to reconcile.



Vanderpump Rules season 11 episode 6 was a supersized look at the gang’s trip to Lake Tahoe, which led to some major drama and multiple breakdowns surrounding the cast’s feelings about Tom Sandoval’s behavior. After the fallout from Scandoval, the affair between Tom and Raquel Leviss that destroyed his relationship with Ariana Madix along with their friend group, the dynamics have changed entirely between the Vanderpump Rules season 11 cast. While Tom’s behavior wasn’t something the cast were willing to forgive, the Vanderpump Rules villain has been doing everything possible to find common ground with his former friends and co-stars.

Although Tom’s been trying to make amends, his attempts thus far on Vanderpump Rules season 11 haven’t been giving him leverage with the rest of the cast. Despite the fact that he’s still living in the same house as Ariana, Tom’s interaction with his castmates has been minimal until the most recent episode, when he joined Tom Schwartz, Scheana Shay, Brock Davies, Lala Kent, James Kennedy, and Ally Lewber on a trip to unwind while visiting Lisa Vanderpump’s newest restaurant. Though the trip was meant to bring the cast closer, it may have pushed some of them to the edge.


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Tom Sandoval’s Group Meditation Was Difficult

The Tahoe Trip Led To Some Serious Drama

As the cast got ready for their first full day in Lake Tahoe, the mood was somewhat tense when Tom shared that he had set up a group meditation for everyone to participate in. Though the rest of the gang weren’t happy about the idea of spending hours with Tom, they decided to take part in the meditation. The practitioner working with Tom understood that she was dealing with a group of people who were facing some major issues, so instead of doing a standard practice, she chose to do a group meditation that paired up the Vanderpump Rules cast.

When the meditation started, things were already tense between the group, and Scheana especially felt like an outsider in her own friend group. Struggling with the fact that she’s lost Tom as a friend because of what he did to Ariana, Scheana was nervous about the trip to Tahoe and didn’t want to interact with Tom much, but found herself doing a pair’s meditation with her former friend. As the practitioner asked the pairs to sit back to back and support one another, Scheana was too overwhelmed with emotion to actually do what was being asked of her.

Brought to tears, Scheana had a moment inside with Brock where she explained that she was simply on edge because dealing with Tom made her anxious. She wanted to be the best possible friend to Ariana, but the fact that she had fully cut Tom off made her uncomfortable when he’d supported her during difficult times. Despite knowing he’d done some unforgivable things, Scheana felt she wanted to offer him some level of forgiveness. When she went back out to the meditation, she found herself crying as she and Tom continued to work in a pair, struggling to calm down.

Scheana Felt Like She Couldn’t Share Her True Feelings

She Wasn’t Able To Open Up About Her Relationship With Tom

Vanderpump Rules' Tom Sandoval, Scheana Shay and Ariana Madix looking nervous
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After the meditation, Scheana explained to Lala why she was having such a hard time letting go of Tom. She shared that their friendship had meant so much to her in the last decade, and there had been times she and Tom were truly very close. She was so hurt by his affair and the fact that he had it in him to hurt Ariana so badly, but she’d also been hurt on her own behalf. She explained that the fact that Tom could lie to her so easily had thrown her off and made her question everything in life.

Scheana shared that though she has no real intentions of letting Tom become her close friend again, cutting him off had made things sting just a bit more than she’d wanted them to. She shared that while she wanted to be supportive to Ariana and keep Tom out of her life, she also didn’t know if that was possible. While Ariana has explained she’s set boundaries that would ensure people who interact with Tom won’t be in her life, Scheana shared she’s not sure that’s something she wants to comply with.

Ariana & Katie Struggled With Something About Her

The Sandwich Shop Seems To Be On The Back Burner

Montage of Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney & Ariana Madix

Back in Los Angeles, Ariana and Katie were working on their sandwich shop Something About Her. While the shop was meant to open in 2023, they’ve faced issues with the city, getting lisencing and permits, and with staffing for the restaurant. White interviewing potential managers for the restaurant, Katie and Ariana discussed the idea of the Tahoe trip, both of them finding it difficult to stomach that everyone was there with Tom. Ariana and Katie took a FaceTime call from Scheana, who complained about her time on the Tahoe trip while explaining that she felt bad about ignoring Tom.

When Katie and Ariana hung up with Scheana, they were concerned about the way she sounded on the trip. Both felt it was odd that Scheana felt guilt about ignoring Tom, especially after the way he’d acted and treated them. Ariana explained that she wasn’t going to stand between anyone who wanted to be friends with Tom, but she wasn’t going to associate with them, either. Though she knew Scheana wasn’t likely one of those people, she made it clear that she would cut whoever she needed to out of her life.

Tom Sandoval Went On The Defensive With Lala Kent

The Pair Fought Hard On A Group Outing

Montage of Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Sandoval

Back in Tahoe, the group went out on a yacht for the day, sailing out on the lake and taking some time to drink and relax together. While things were going smoothly for some of the trip, it got difficult when Tom and Lala started talking about the issues they’ve had since Scandoval broke. The pair got into a heated argument when Tom refused to recognize that Lala could be hurt by his words, especially when he tried to turn his issues around on her by bringing up her relationship with her ex, Randall Emmett.

Tom and Lala’s argument escalated to the point that both were screaming at one another and needed to be separated. While Lala was hurt that Tom would bring her past up in such a damaging way, he was upset that she felt the need to bring his affair with Raquel up at all. Though they didn’t truly reach a resolution, Tom and Lala were able to come to an agreement after both of them had settled down. Tom, jarringly, managed to hug Lala despite it being deeply uncomfortable.

Scheana Broke Down About Tom, Ariana, & All Things Scandoval

She Was Heartbroken To Lose A Close Friend

After the boat trip, Scheana finally broke down about everything she’d been dealing with. Explaining that she didn’t feel like she was allowed to feel her feelings about anything, she shared with Lala just how hurt she was by Tom, explaining that she’d cherished her friendship with him. She explained that she didn’t feel like she was able to mourn, as Ariana was taking up the space when it came to things to do with Tom. The Vanderpump Rules star struggled to calm herself down as she shared just how truly broken about Tom, Ariana, and their friendship she feels.

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