• Ruben is not dependent on Debbie for money like her previous love interest Oussama, showing a different dynamic in their relationship.
  • Julian is skeptical of Ruben and questions his intentions, leading to potential concerns about Debbie’s well-being in her new relationship.
  • Ruben has a background in lighting and has recently started working at Vehicle Inspection Systems as a VP of Sales and Operations.



90 Day: The Single Life star Debbie Aguero’s love interest, Ruben the Cuban, isn’t depending on Debbie for money like Oussama Berber. Debbie is a 67-year-old woman who began dating Oussama, 24 after meeting him online. Debbie made up her mind to relocate to Morocco, where she would marry Oussama and live happily ever after. However, Oussama’s happiness lay in getting a green card. Once Debbie decided she was being manipulated by Oussama, she came back to the U.S. to star in Single Life season 4. Debbie found her suitor Ruben on the internet.

Debbie was having a good time in Miami, getting to know Ruben. Debbie was hitting it off well with the Cuban man, but she knew that she was there for a short period of time and a decision about their future had to be made. Debbie also had to let Julian meet Ruben. She knew that Julian’s apprehensions about Ruben were valid because he didn’t want his mom to get hurt. However, Debbie didn’t want a police officer questioning her boyfriend, she wanted a son. Debbie said she was getting close to Ruben and that he’d asked her if she could move to Miami.


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Ruben Worked In Lighting When He Filmed 90 Day Fiancé

Julian said he came on the trip with Debbie because he didn’t want what happened with Oussama to happen again. Julian thought everything about Ruben was too good to be true because Debbie had liked Ruben after their second date and was already deciding to move to Miami. Debbie and Julian met Ruben at Wynwood Walls where they created art using spray paints. Julian confronted Ruben to “ask the hard questions.” Julian asked Ruben what kind of work he did for a living.

Ruben replied, “
I am in lighting.

Ruben says that he ran a lighting company for 10 years.

Ruben Works For Vehicle Inspection Systems In 2024

Ruben Debbie on a date and laughing with cocktails In 90 Day Fiance

According to Ruben’s LinkedIn page, he was the National Sales & Operation Director at LUMATEQ, LLC from May 2012 to December 2023. Ruben worked at the company for almost 12 years. Debbie’s scenes with Ruben may have been filmed sometime in 2023. Ruben recently joined a new company. He is now working as the VP of Sales and Operations at Vehicle Inspection Systems – VIS. Ruben’s company is located in Orlando, Florida.

Is Ruben Still Dating Debbie In 2024?

Debbie’s son told Ruben about Oussama.

Debbie had never told Ruben about how she had dated a 24-year-old man before him and that she was ready to move to Morocco.

Julian said that Oussama’s family was taking money from 90DF‘s Debbie, and he wanted to make sure Ruben didn’t intend to take money from her. “I don’t need money from your mom,” Ruben told Julian. The 90 Day: The Single Life star did add that he was concerned about Debbie and Oussama getting back together if his family put pressure on them. Ruben’s apprehensions about Debbie make it look like he may have decided to split up with her.

90 Day: The Single Life

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Source: Ruben Sanchez/Linkedin, 90 Day Fiancé/YouTube

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