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  • Lori Loughlin’s made a cameo on Seinfeld as Patty in season 9’s “The Serenity Now” episode.
  • Despite not working on Seinfeld at the time, Larry David referenced Loughlin’s cameo in Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12.
  • Seinfeld’s final seasons featured many guest stars, including established actors like Kristin Davis and James Spader.

Lori Loughlin was among the many guest stars to appear in Seinfeld, with her memorable one-episode appearance even receiving a reference in Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12. Though Seinfeld famously featured appearances from actors like Courteney Cox, Bryan Cranston, Jennifer Coolidge, and Jon Favreau before they were famous, the legendary sitcom also saw cameos and guest stints from actors already established in the business. One such cameo was by Lori Loughlin, who had already completed her eight-season run as Aunt Becky on Full House by the time she appeared on Seinfeld.

The Seinfeld episode from 1997 was recently mentioned during Lori Loughlin’s cameo in Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12, episode 6, the comedy show centered on Seinfeld co-creator Larry David. Larry is asked to help Loughlin get into the country club where he plays golf due to their former collaboration on Seinfeld, though Larry mentions that she didn’t appear on the sitcom until after he left. Curb Your Enthusiasm doesn’t expand on the episode Loughlin appeared in or reveal who she played on the show, even though it occurred in one of Seinfeld’s most beloved outings.

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Lori Loughlin Cameoed As Patty In Seinfeld Season 9’s “The Serenity Now” Episode

Two years after the end of Full House, Lori Loughlin appeared in Seinfeld season 9, episode 3, “The Serenity Now,” as Patty. Her character was Jerry Seinfeld’s new girlfriend for the episode, who encouraged him to begin expressing more of his emotions after observing that he was never angry. After this revelation, Jerry began to express his anger more and more frequently, soon leading Patty to break up with him. The episode is better remembered for Frank Costanza yelling “serenity now” when frustrated, with the storyline between Jerry Seinfeld and Lori Loughlin providing a parallel B-plot.


Seinfeld Cast & Character Guide

Seinfeld’s cast is full of talented actors, like Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who give life to some of the most hilarious ’90s characters.

Though Jerry had numerous girlfriends throughout Seinfeld’s nine seasons, his subplot with Patty is still among the most notable. While Jerry often broke up with them for ridiculous reasons or was broken up with for something awful that he did, there’s been a long-standing debate over whether Patty breaking up with Jerry was reasonable. After she encouraged him to let out more of his anger and emotions, he did what she asked but went a bit too extreme, so she broke up with him for yelling at her too much. Still, Jerry has broken up with girls for less.

Lori Loughlin Was One Of Seinfeld’s Most Memorable Guest Stars After Larry David’s Exit

Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm and a still from the Seinfeld finale

As Larry mentions in Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12, he wasn’t working on Seinfeld when Loughlin appeared. Larry David left Seinfeld after season 7, only returning to write the divisive series finale episode in season 9. However, while Seinfeld seasons 8 and 9 notably lost much of Larry David’s unique comedic touch and hilariously bizarre type of subplots, the sitcom was still as popular as ever. Consequently, Seinfeld had no shortage of guest stars to bring on for cameos in the final two seasons,including the likes of Kristin Davis, Lori Loughlin, Kathy Griffin, James Spader, Bob Odenkirk, and Alex Trebek.

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