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Which Actor Plays Every Main Character

April 13, 2024
Which Actor Plays Every Main Character


  • Andrew Koji as Ryu would be a strong lead with charm & combat skills to drive the Street Fighter series.
  • Glen Powell as Ken would be a contrast to Ryu’s serious lead, adding charm & dramatic weight to the role.
  • Gemma Nguyen as Chun-Li is a skilled martial artist who has played Chun-Li before, ideal for portraying combat prowess.



Street Fighter is one of the most iconic fighting franchises in the world of video games and has been brought to the world of cinema before. However, the campy Jean-Clauge Van Damme live-action film failed to successfully replicate the uniquely vibrant energy of the original games. Since then, video game adaptations have proven to be a deep well of inspiration for filmmakers. Movies like Mortal Kombat and The Super Mario Bros. Movie are a great example of how iconic video games can be turned into successful movies.

Street Fighter focuses on a global fighting tournament that draws the attention of several contrasting and colorful characters. Some are there for altruistic reasons while others just seek fame and glory. Many are on revenge quests, potentially turning the franchise’s most iconic heroes into their most dangerous threats. Especially in light of Mortal Kombat‘s cinematic return, the time is right for a new swing at a Street Fighter reboot, and here’s the ideal cast for that kind of movie.


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10 Ryu: Andrew Koji

A Strong Lead To Carry The Fighting Series

Ryu would likely be the protagonist of any prospective Street Fighter adaptation, making his hypothetical casting vital for figuring out the tone and tenor of the project. A dedicated fighter and serious combatant, the early Street Fighter games gave Ryu a harsh and more vengeful edge that made him susceptible to the corrupting influence of the Satsui no Hado. Over the course of the series, Ryu has gained a greater sense of inner peace and learned to control a Zen-like counter to the rage-based Satsui no Hado known as the Sacred Hado.

Andrew Koji has proven he has the charm and combat skills to drive an entire series. Warrior was a fantastic showcase for the actor’s dramatic chops, all while serving as a good reminder of how well Koji fits into a good action set-piece. His role in Boy Kills World also highlights his ability to play it straight in a bizarre setting, which would be a useful skill given Ryu’s straightforward personality in a setting full of bizarre characters and combatants.

9 Ken: Glen Powell

The Perfect Emotional Contrast To Ryu’s Serious Lead

A fellow student of Martial Arts Master Gouken alongside Ryu, Ken has been a part of Street Fighter just as long as his fellow fighter. Whereas Ryu adapted directly to Gouken’s signature skills, Ken applied his own flash and personality to the combat style. A friendly rival to Ryu, the game canon gave Ken a more prominent romantic storyline with minor character Eliza and set up Ken as the more rash and emotionally driven of the pair.

Glen Powell has steadily been becoming one of Hollywood’s most exciting new stars, showcasing a variety of skills in films like Top Gun: Maverick. He’s also got a charming side that’s front and center in Anyone But You, highlighting how well he would fit alongside the serious Ryu as a more charming and romantic character. Powell’s ability to mine dramatic material could also give weight to Ken’s more dramatic beats. Powell jumping into another potential huge IP-driven franchise could elevate his place in Hollywood.

8 Chun-Li: Gemma Nguyen

Nguyen Already Played Chun-Li Before

One of the most iconic Street Fighter characters, Chun-Li is a Chinese Interpol agent who joined the agency as a means of hunting down Shadaloo. The villainous group led by M. Bison is one of the Street Fighter‘s franchises most dangerous organizations, and Bison personally killed Chun-Li’s father — giving her plenty of reason to hunt down the villain. Committed to the law and her vengeance against Bison, Chun-Li steadily becomes a more mature and centered character in later games.

Gemma Nguyen is a skilled martial artist, having appeared as part of the stunt teams for The Jungle Book, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and Bullet Train. She’s even actually played Chun-Li before in Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown, all of which underscores how effective she would likely be at portraying Chun-Li’s combat prowess. Her dedication to martial arts and skills with stunts would make Nguyen and ideal performer for Chun-Li.


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7 Guile: Alan Ritchson

The Walking Sonic Boom

The American-born soldier Guile debuted in Street Fighter 2, and has remained a fan-favorite ever since. The bulky and perpetually serious Guile is a member of the US Armed Forces but finds himself on a similar mission to Chun-Li after one of his best friends is killed by M. Bison. Even while raising a family and nominally being retired from the field, the threat posed by M. Bison and Shadaloo will always bring him back into action.

Guile’s dead serious personality and bulkier frame call a handful of specific performers to mind, including Reacher‘s Alan Ritchson. Ritchson’s experience playing a military man in that series would make him a perfect fit for Guile, especially given his action experience. Rictchson’s appearances in films like Fast X and Blue Mountain State highlight his range when he needs it, which would set up a more fleshed-out and well-rounded take on Guile.

6 Zangief: Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

Turning The Mountain Into A Charmer

A Russian wrestler who initially entered Street Fighter 2‘s worldwide tournament for glory, Zangief is a brawler with a deep appreciation for the “Muscle Spirit” that comes from combat. Despite his appearance, Zangief proves to be a surprisingly sweet-natured fighter. He’s also adored in later games by children around the world, who consider him an icon of the wrestling world.

Given his massive size and strength, there are only a handful of active actors who could play Zangief. One of the first to come to mind is Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who played Gregor Clegane aka the Mountain in Game of Thrones. Björnsson has the muscles and size for the part, and could likely accurately recreate Zangief’s biggest moves on-screen. His appearance on the British game-show A League Of Their Own highlights a broader, more performative side of the professional strongman, which would translate well to an on-screen Zangief.

5 Dhalsim: Ram Charan

The Master Of Yoga

Dhalsim is quietly one of the trickiest characters for any Street Fighter adaptation. A pacifist by nature who only joins the world fighting tournament at the heart of the franchise to raise money for his village, Dhalsim is such a master of Esoteric Yoga that he can actually extends his limbs. Despite his skills and place in the fighting franchise, he’s also quietly the most spiritual of the characters and often seen as a counsel to other fights.

Indian actor Ram Charan would bring an authenticity to the role, as well as a deep well of experience in the action genre. Ram has proven more than capable of delivering serious performances in silly circumstances like Street Fighter, such as when he brought consistent gravitas to RRR even while taking part in truly staggering action sequences and musical sequences. His elasticity of movement, seen in the musical sequences of some of his films, highlight the agile physicality he could bring to Dhalsim in fights.


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4 Blanka: Roman Reigns

A Wild Brawler

One of Street Fighter‘s most distinct fighters, Blanka spent most of his life in the rainforests of Brazil after a plane crash. Growing up a feral fighter, the animalistic Blanka steadily proves to be a surprisingly goofy and sweet natured character who makes friends and discovers his surviving family in the process. Blanka is an almost entirely physical role, with the character having little actual dialogue. With that in mind, a truly physical performance would be necessary to bring Blanka to the big screen.

That’s why turning to the world of professional wrestling makes sense, and Roman Reigns is an ideal performer for that character. Reigns has showcased his physical skills in the ring and on the big-screen, making him an ideal performer to approach the physicality inherent to the character. Reigns has also shown off a likable edge that can turn scary when needed, as seen in his minor but important role in Hobbes & Shaw.

3 Cammy: Jessica Henwick

Bison’s Secret Weapon Turned Worst Enemy

An agent of MI6’s Delta Red commando task force, Cammy is secretly a former assassin for (and a partial clone of) Bison. After discovering her origins, Cammy commits herself to bringing down Bison once and for all. The role of Cammy requires a unique set of skills to bring to the big-screen, balancing serious internal strife with some impressive action ability. Jessica Henwick happens to showcase that in several of her prior roles, making her the perfect performer to play Cammy.

The British actress has the right body type to play Cammy, and would nail plenty of elements of the character. She’s also showcased plenty of physical skills in action-heavy properties like Iron Fist, The Matrix Resurrections, and Game of Thrones. Henwick’s dramatic chops would also allow her to adapt to the greater dramatic elements of the character that haunt her and motivate her to face off with Bison.

2 Akuma: Sala Baker

The Most Dangerous Fighter Alive

Gouken’s vicious brother, Akuma is one of the most deadly characters in the Street Fighter series. Unlike his brother, who embraced a more humane approach to the art of combat, Akuma fully embraced the murderous intent found in the Satsui no Hado and eventually killed him. Akuma now travels the world in search of a worthy opponent to test his skills against, often seeking to corrupt Ryu as well. Akuma is one of the most iconic villains of Street Fighter, and deserves a showcase in any prospective film adaptation of the game series.

Sala Baker would make an ideal actor for Akuma. An experienced stunt performer who has worked for decades in the industry, appearing in franchises like Lord of the Rings and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This speaks to his physical capabilities for the role. Baker has also proven to be an effective dramatic actor in thrillers like The Killer, which could underscore the kind of menace he could bring to any prospective Street Fighter film’s version of Akuma.

1 M. Bison: Jorma Tommila

Street Fighter‘s Big Bad

M. Bison is one of the chief antagonists of the Street Fighter series. The leader of Shadaloo, M. Bison’s efforts to take over the world and control the deadly Psycho Power propels him to face off with all sorts of fighters around the world. M. Bison is defined in part by his cruelty and potential for violence. He kills people regularly, and is a great villain even in the critically rotten Street Fighter movie. This eerily sense of calm separates him from other villains and is exactly why Jorma Tommila would fit into the role.

Jorma Tommila brings a casual but harrowing viciousness to Sisu, where he plays a Finnish soldier slaughtering his way through the Nazi soldiers he encounters in 1944. Tommila showcases a strong on-screen presence of menace, with a harsh edge that would easily translate to M. Bison’s physicality. The character would also benefit from Tommila’s ability to fight on-screen, with his action scenes in Sisu serving as a great showcase of what Tommila could bring to Street Fighter‘s most enduring villain.

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