• Astrology doesn’t affect
    , but players can draw parallels between their favorite Pals and Zodiac signs.
  • Each Pal in the game represents unique qualities, mirroring traits found in Aries to Pisces.
  • Palworld
    offers fans a fun way to connect their love for Pals with the characteristics of their Zodiac sign.



Astrology plays no part in Palworld’s story or mechanics, but it doesn’t stop people from wondering if they share traits with the best Pals. Even though it’s possible to catch every Pal in the game, some may find they are especially fond of certain ones over others – regardless of their strengths and weaknesses. With a staggering number of them in the game so far – and more to come in future patches, it can be fun to see if the adorable creatures share any similarities with Zodiac archetypes.

For centuries, people all over the globe have used astrology to glean an understanding of the world around them – and the world within. Early practitioners would scour the heavens in the hopes of demystifying human behavior. While it may seem ludicrous to some, the enduring global interest in astrology underscores how strongly humans yearn for answers. Whatever the case may be, drawing comparisons between zodiac signs and the game offers fans twelve more reasons to love their favorite Pals.


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12 Aries – Eikthyrdeer Terra

Eikthyrdeer Terra Represents Aries’ Strength

Palworld Eikthyrdeer Terra Paldex Entry

Aries is a symbol of strength, much like the antlers atop Eikthyrdeer Terra’s head. Despite being a herd animal, the Pal is often encountered in solitary – which the charismatic Aries may find surprisingly relatable. While those born under this powerful sign are far from shut-ins, their profound self-assurance is often lost on those around them. Lastly, Aries is also defined by his courage. Those under Aries do not balk in the face of a challenge, and they make no apologies for who they are.

11 Taurus – Quivern

Quivern Represents Taurus’ Serenity

Quivern standing in front of a player in Palworld

The Taurus reveres peace, and it shares this quality with Quivern. To say those born under Taurus are boring is to interpret the sign’s love for simplicity a bit too literally. Instead, Taureans avoid drama and are deeply suspicious of complexity. Like the Quivern, Taurus’ stolid demeanor has an equally soothing effect on those around it. Yet, it can be easy to assume that the sign’s tranquility indicates a wishy-washy attitude, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Beneath the sign’s taciturn personality is an iron will that empowers him to achieve anything he sets his mind to.

10 Gemini – Lunaris

Lunaris Represents Gemini’s Dominance

Lunaris looking at a player character in Palworld

Geminis believe in mind over matter, a perspective the sign shares with Palworld’s gravity-bending Lunaris. The zodiac sign’s psyche is in constant dialogue with the world around it, observing details at lightning speed and cataloging that information in the endless library of its impressive memory. As a result of their powerful processors, Geminis thrive in chaos, make capable problem solvers, and find great pleasure in intellectual sparring matches. Those born under this sign make natural mental gymnasts, and just like the Lunaris, they’re capable of dominating others whose strengths lie elsewhere.


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9 Cancer – Paladius

Paladius Represents Cancer’s Instincts

Paladius, a Legendary Neutral-type Pal in Palworld, shown in the Paldeck.

As the saying goes: “still waters run deep,” and few encapsulate this aspect of Cancer’s personality quite like Palworld’s Paladius. Like Paladius, Cancers keep darker emotions under lock and key, but they can never deny their existence outright. All too familiar with the undertow of human behavior, they are especially selective with the friends they keep. Yet, one important benefit to their constant vigil is a finely tuned and highly perceptive instrument: intuition. No sign feels with such intensity, and few signs can perceive them in others as effortlessly as Cancer.

8 Leo – Tombat

Tombat Represents Leo’s Fanfare

Tombat looking at a character in Palworld.

Expression and personality are the watchwords of a Leo’s existence, and Palworld’s Tombat is nothing if not an entertainer. This Pal lives to display its magnificent wings for others, and after an evening spent showing them off, Tombat laps up all the attention they garner. Leos are fun-loving, bold, and loud, and yet they’re far more than just spectacles. They live as much for the trepidation of performance as they do the performance itself. Put another way: Leos live and die in the rhapsody of overcoming their fear of rejection.

7 Virgo – Petallia

Petallia Represents Virgo’s Evolution

Petallia in Palworld.

Pop astrology often labels Virgo as overly critical and fussy, but like Petallia, their central motivation is transformation and personal development. Ever practical and highly industrious, Virgos set out to achieve their goal by being of service to those around them – and as it turns out, Petallia is one of the best worker Pals in the game. With minds like high-resolution film, Virgos examines the world in minute detail and analyzes that information with brutal honesty. They see how things are and how they could be – and then they get to work.

6 Libra – Grintale

Grintales Represents Libra’s Trust

It takes a lot to frazzle a Libra, which is humorously captured by the oft-slumbering Grintale. Just like the Pal, Libras may come off a bit strong at first blush, and this is often due to an uncontainable yearning for meaningful connections. Nonetheless, they are well worth the effort. While other signs are prone to viewing things in black and white, the slow-to-judge Libra is perfectly content with paradoxes and half-truths. Friends must be patient with Libra’s penchant for indecisiveness, but that’s a small price to pay for a day-one best friend.

5 Scorpio – Lovander

Lovander Represents Scorpio’s Intensity

close up of Lovander in Palworld

Like Scorpio, Lovander chases after love with gusto – but it may be surprising to learn the sign’s motivation. Scorpios wish to understand themselves, but the knowledge they prize requires action. Examining yesterday offers only pieces of the puzzle, and there’s no way to know who they’ll be tomorrow. The awareness they seek can only be gleaned in the viscera of the present moment, and they instinctively know amorous relationships are great vehicles for the self-discovery they crave. Give them something new to experience, then, but don’t be surprised to find they’re more interested to see what they’ll do with it.

4 Sagittarius – Robinquill

Robinquill Represents Sagittarius’ Wanderlust

The symbol of the Sagittarius is the Archer, whose essence is neatly captured in the form of Robinquill. The Pal’s existence causes many in Palworld to question what they know about their origins, and that curiosity is mirrored remarkably well in the zodiac sign. This is because Sagittarians are often enamored by their endless quest to understand life’s deepest mysteries. Sagittarians crave fresh perspectives and new horizons, and they abhor the mind-dulling inducement of everyday routine.

3 Capricorn – Beegarde

Beegarde Represents Capricorn’s Integrity

Beegarde is used for farming Honey in Palworld

Capricorns are practical and loyal – almost to a fault, and just like Beegarde, those qualities make them uniquely dependable allies. The zodiac sign knows in its bones that time and pressure yield the greatest rewards, so Capricorns often enjoy a modicum of success as a result of their strong work ethic. On the other hand, the sign rarely budges after making up its mind on something. In the same way that Beegarde gladly gives its life for its queen, Capricorns tend to be all too willing to sacrifice their happiness for their integrity.

2 Aquarius – Jormuntide

Jormuntide Represents Aquarius’ Defiance

Palworld Alpha Pal Jormuntide wandering in lake area for player to have boss encounter with

No Pal is so perfectly matched to Aquarius as the wise Jormuntide, who emerged from the sea as Palworld‘s strongest dragon after being wrongfully convicted by his adversaries. To an Aquarian, nothing in the world is more important than their individuality, and they safeguard their sense of self by fostering an unyielding fidelity to truth. Aquarius speaks what they know, regardless of the consequences. Fundamentally brilliant and gifted, the Aquarian yields to no one. There is no surrendering the personal freedom they prize above all else.

1 Pisces – Elphidran

Elphidran Represents Pisces’ Empathy

Palworld‘s Elphidran is noted for its pure demeanor, and its perception of good and evil bears interesting synergy with the water sign, Pisces. To the Piscean mind, all things are a matter of perspective. Even the ground beneath its feet is so because it was perceived to be. Other signs have little use for such nebulous contemplation, and yet it forms the bedrock of a Pisces’ entire being. Untethered to any one way of thinking, compassion, empathy, and understanding come very easily to them. Morality is fluid, blame has no meaning, and individuality is an illusion. The Pisces would rather transcend.

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