• The Traitors season 2 finale had shocking twists, with Kate as the last Traitor standing.
  • Trishelle and CT emerged as the final winners, splitting the $208,100 prize fund.
  • While some players may feel betrayed, the Faithfuls outplayed the Traitors in the end.



The Traitors season 2 aired its finale, and the results were shocking. After gathering reality TV stars from some of the best reality TV shows, five cast members remained for the riveting The Traitors season 2 finale. Below Deck‘s Kate Chastain was the last remaining Traitor, joined by Faithfuls C.T. Tamburello & Trishelle Cannatella (The Challenge, The Real World), Sandra Diaz-Twine (Survivor) and Mercedes “MJ” Javid (Shahs of Sunset.) However, if Kate made it to the end as the only Traitor, she would take the entire prize pot as her own.

The Traitors US season 2 was quite the journey. The Faithfuls weeded out original Traitors Phaedra Parks, Dan Gheesling, and Parvati Shallow, but recruit Kate flew under the radar until the end, having come in halfway through the game. Peter Weber had his hated group of allies, Peter’s Pals or the most Faithful of the Faithfuls, and they were whittled down one by one until Peter himself was accused of being a Traitor. Dan may have played a terrible game, but he put all eyes on Phaedra. How did it all shake out in the finale?

Who Won The Traitors Season 2?

The Traitors Season 2 with Ala and Ct and Trishelle behind him
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The Traitors finale was full of twists and turns. While it seemed Kate would be eliminated first based on conversations between Sandra and CT, many surprises ensued. Trishelle also seemed poised to vote out Sandra and stick with her friend of twenty years, CT. However, over the day, Kate was able to sway other opinions and convince pals CT and Trishelle to vote out Sandra, who, of course, revealed herself as a Faithful.

The final four went to the fire, where Kate was voted out and was revealed to be a Traitor. While MJ, CT, and Trishelle were all Faithfuls, they entered into another vote. There was a deadlock, and Trishelle changed her vote from CT to MJ. MJ was eliminated at the last moment, and Trishelle and CT stood alone as finalists. CT revealed he was a Faithful, and so did Trishelle. Together, Trishelle and CT won The Traitors season 2.

What Was The Prize Fund?

The Traitors US Trishelle

The players on The Traitors season 2 would engage in challenges that tested their teamwork and increased the prize fund. At the finale, $208,100 was in the prize fund, meaning Trishelle and CT each took home $104,050. While CT claimed he wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing the money with MJ because he wasn’t sure about her, it’s possible they all knew each other were Faithfuls and just wanted to take more money home.

It was poetic that a pair who have appeared on reality TV shows together for twenty years won the game together. While MJ is likely upset about getting blindsided at the end, the Faithfuls played a better game than the Traitors and deserved to win The Traitors. It would’ve been more satisfying to see Sandra win, but at least a Traitor who came in halfway through the game didn’t win the prize.

The Traitors

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