• The latest
    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
    patch fixes lingering glitches, allowing players to 100% complete the game with ease.
  • Patch 1.030 addresses bugs like the G-Bike minigame not registering high scores, unlocking the “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” Trophy.
  • The latest update focuses on minor bugs, making game completion achievable for diehard players seeking the Platinum Trophy.



Two months after its release, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth players can finally 100% complete the massive RPG as the game’s latest patch fixes a lingering glitch. While the latest entry in the Remake Trilogy may have impressed players with a relatively smooth launch, one bug that managed to irk many Platinum Hunters locked off a certain sidequest, preventing enthusiasts from properly finishing the game. Fortunately, Square Enix has been hard at work fixing the error, meaning Rebirth players desperate to collect their final trophy can now do so with ease.

Posted to X (formerly Twitter), Final Fantasy VII Rebirth confirmed that the recently released Patch 1.030 addresses a series of problematic bugs, including the one that prevented the G-Bike minigame from registering players’ high scores, meaning the “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” Trophy can now officially be completed.

Aside from mending this problem, the latest update doesn’t really do much else, largely focusing on smaller bugs that were less game-breaking. These include a glitch that prevented players from gaining the Cactuar Crusher trophy and another that fixed some minor display bugs.


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For all of its improvements, there are some key areas in which Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth just doesn’t manage to live up to its predecessor.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Can Finally Be Completed 100%

Cait Sith from Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth doing a cute pose.

Given the sheer scale of Rebirth and the number of quests it throws at players, the game’s community takes pride in finishing up every mission available, and while a Platinum Trophy isn’t necessary to “finish” the latest Final Fantasy VII title it’s still a decent badge of honor. The glitch made it impossible to 100% complete the game, prompting a great deal of confusion regarding the state of the bugged quest. Considering it was linked to the high scores achieved on the G-Bike minigame, players suspected it was either a bug or the actual challenge was especially difficult to complete.

While the Platinum Trophy is now attainable, the vast minority of the community has yet to complete the game 100% and it’s not just because of the bugged achievement. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is already an especially long game loaded with side quests and optional content that will take the average player approximately 100 hours to complete to its fullest extent. Considering that it would likely take at least a couple of playthroughs to obtain the Platinum Trophy, it makes sense that only 0.1% of the player base has reached the goal.

It’s worth noting that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth isn’t a necessarily difficult game to complete 100%, it’s just a time-consuming experience. Given that some of the trophies require some amount of grinding, it also also be a relatively tedious process that could sap some of the enjoyment out of the experience. Still, it’s good to know that the option to obtain the Platinum Trophy is back on the table for those dedicated diehards.

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