• A new character, Bronte, will challenge Joe in
    season 5, likely bringing back memories of his past.
  • You
    ‘s latest cating announcement suggests that Joe’s story will come full circle during the show’s final season.
  • The Netflix series needs to return to the beginning to show how much more dangerous Joe has become.



You season 5 has added a new member to its cast, and this developmentsuggests the Netflix series will bring Joe Goldberg’s story full circle during its final season. Penn Badgley’s character has traveled quite far since You season 1 premiered in 2018. His despicable stalking and killing continues wherever he goes, but Joe has moved from New York City to Los Angeles to London in his efforts to run from his demons. You season 5 will conclude the Netflix show and reveal whether he finally gets his comeuppance for all the lives he’s destroyed.

Not much is known about the fifth and final season of the Netflix series, but Badgley teased that Joe’s enemies will return in some way, with his “loose ends” finally catching up to him. With a new actor joining the cast of You season 5, it’s likely he’ll pursue a new love interest as well. Judging by the casting announcement, the latest addition to the series will bring Joe’s story full circle, dredging up the events of prior seasons — and especially season 1.

seasons 1-4 are currently available to stream on Netflix.

You Season 5’s Latest Cast Addition Promises To Bring Joe Goldberg’s Story Full Circle

Penn Badgley as Joe looking stunned in in You

Netflix announced on Twitter that Madeline Brewer is joining the cast of You season 5, and the post revealed a little about the character she’ll play. Brewer is set to portray Bronte, a young playwright who will work at Joe’s new bookstore. With You season 4 ending with Joe free to go home, he’ll be back in New York City for the last batch of episodes. And Brewer’s character looks and sounds an awful lot like Guinevere Beck, the aspiring writer who fell victim to Joe’s pursuits in You season 1. They’re both blondes and have the same things in common with Joe, and that’s undoubtedly intentional.

According to the post, Bronte will force Joe to look closely at himself once again, bringing out “nostalgia for his former self.” This probably comes up due to her likeness to Beck, and being back home won’t help Joe avoid falling into old patterns. It’s unclear whether Joe’s full-circle moment will be the thing that gets him caught — it’d be nice to see Beck get justice — or something that pushes him further past the point of no return. Whatever happens, it’s important to connect You season 5 back to season 1, and Brewer’s casting promises to do just that.

Why You’s Final Season Must Bring Joe’s Journey Back To New York (& Beck)

Beck reading a book while Penn Badgley's Joe stares at her from behind in You

You season 5 needs to bring the Netflix series’ main plot back to New York —​​​​​​​ and Beck — especially now that Joe’s stopped running from who he is. You season 4 sees Joe making peace with his problematic behavior, a concerning development for his character. Whether Joe finally gets caught in You season 5 or continues to get away with his crimes, the character must return to the beginning to demonstrate how much he’s changed. It’d be fitting if returning to New York gets him caught. But even if You lets him get away with it, a full-circle moment will show how much more dangerous he’s really become.

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You is a drama-thriller series based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes that follows an obsessive and dangerous bookstore owner known as Joe Goldberg. The show sees Joe meeting women that he becomes transfixed with and goes to terrifying lengths to insert himself into their lives. To accomplish his goal, Joe will remove each obstacle – and person- in his way.

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