Do you ever feel so many hints and nudges from the Universe trying to tell you something, that you finally have to stop, surrender and acknowledge what’s being shared with you? That’s exactly what happened to me this past week. ‘You’ve got mail!’… From the Universe! The message was simple: if you want to live a happy life, choose to see life through a happiness lens. In other words, la vie en rose is a lot easier to see when you’ve got rose colored glasses on.

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I’ll be the first to admit that it’s more easily said than done. For whatever reason it feels like our predisposition is to see life through the scarcity lens with fear and concerns over uncertainty attached. Perhaps this is a primal default designed to keep us safe (ie: from falling off a cliff), but I think we’ve leveled up. Our consciousness and ability to create and participate in this world has transcended this primal reflex. 

If you’re on the Law of Attraction train with me, you’ll relate to this notion on an even deeper level. Because what we think about, we bring about into our lives. The Law of Attraction is constantly working in the background to manifest that which is aligned with our frequency. If you focus on what you want and tell others about what you want, you attract it to you. Likewise, if you focus on what is not wanted and speak of what currently is (versus what is wanted- even if it hasn’t shown up yet), that’s what’s delivered. High frequency thoughts and alignment yield high frequency living. I’ve seen and felt this play out in my own life many times. 

It’s simple, and it’s also a muscle that needs to be built and conditioned. Sometimes we slip out of our higher frequencies, and back into thought patterns that don’t serve us or align with the life we want for ourselves. Been there done that. And, I will likely do it again and again as I move through life. The important thing is to give ourselves compassion and celebrate the awareness we have when we can see we need to adjust. And I must say, having that outlook feels pretty darn rosy. 

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